Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Morning Question of the Day

It's the last week of school {woo hoo} and so I'm compiling a list of books to read this summer. 
Thanks to Dory's suggestion, I just finished the Hunger Games series 
{so very good although so not something I would normally read but I loved them} 
and am reading a book about the Casey Anthony case right now. 

So tell me............
what are some books I should read this summer?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Faith is...

This quote by Oswald Chambers is such a great reminder that we can always trust in God, even we don't understand the sadness and pain in this world. 
I made this to print out for myself and just thought I would share. 
{click the arrow at the bottom to see all four designs}
Faith is..

If you want a different color combination than one of these four, please let me know and I'll be happy to add it.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Flashback Friday

Based on clothing and my size in this picture {bottom in the green shirt and pigtails} I believe this is a picture from about 1977 or 1978 {so I was 7 or 8}. 
My sister is behind me in the ponytail.

On the left side of the picture is my sweet Aunt Tootise {real name LaWanda}
who died 3 months after my mother did in 2002.  

The woman in the middle was my great grandmother- Mama Bessie.  
I believe based on the fact that she's wearing a flower and holding a gift, we were there to celebrate her birthday as she was in her 90's during this time. 
She was a neat lady and we loved going to visit her in Arkansas! 

The lady in the lovely sunglasses, big hair {see it's genetic}
 and snazzy green shorts is my mother.  How cute {and thin} is she?
{That thin part? Sadly NOT genetic.}
Standing behind her is her father who we called Grandpa Stegall. 

I know this picture was taken long ago but looking at it- 
it feels like yesterday.  
can remember being there- hugging my Aunt and Mama Bessie
 and playing on the big porch with my cousins.  
Such sweet memories that remind me once again,
 pictures are so important- because they remind you of great memories! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

These Things

These things I know to be true today:

1. You should always ALWAYS check the lid on your Route 44 Sonic drink before carrying it in to work with your hands super full.  ALWAYS.
{or you'll be wearing it. not that I know anyone who would do that}

2. God has a plan and His plan is always the BEST- even if we can't see it. 

3. I CAN put on my big girl panties and do something that makes me super anxious. 
{and not pass out in the process}

4. Someone saying "You are right and I am sorry" even if it doesn't change anything, 
makes me feel so much better. 

5. It's important to tell people how much you appreciate them, not just assume they know. Seriously....TELL THEM.

6. A massage is one of the best cures for stress- EVER. 
 {I often think if I was independently wealthy I'd have one every week but then I wonder.....
if I was independently wealthy would I need one every week?}

7. There are only 7 more days of school and then my sweet girl will be a SOPHOMORE. 
How did that happen? She was just a baby the other day!!

8. There will be donuts in heaven.  Seriously....there will. 
 {don't you think so?}

9. It's impossible for OCD me to end a list at nine so 
I'm just writing something random to fill this spot. 
{please tell me that's not weird}

10. In just 12 days...TWELVE days...I'll be at Dory's house and
 that makes me so happy I want to do a happy dance!   
Can. Not. Wait. 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday Morning Question of the Day

I need a little cheering up today so..........

What's something 
going on in your life right now?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Randomness on a Sunday Afternoon

My name is Shannon and I am a blog slacker. 
I've been a tad little ton preoccupied this past week or so as I waited to hear
 if I would be reassigned {budget cuts have hit our district} next year
 and couldn't seem to focus long enough to get any sort of blog post written.  

My news arrived on Friday and as I suspected I was reassigned.
Reassignments were based totally and completely on what certifications you hold, 
not on how good or hard you work at your job so I was fairly certain of my fate. 
{I'm certified in Early Childhood thru 6th Grade so I can teach lots of grades and subjects. 
Never thought being highly qualified for many things would hurt me?}

To say that I was disappointed is a huge understatement
{there is much more to the story than I'm writing here} 
and I spent much of the day and night in tears. 
I'm still struggling to understand but thankful that I still have a job, 
 know that God is in control,
He has a plan, 
and His plan is always the BEST plan-
even when I don't understand it. 

A sweet friend dropped off a book on my doorstep early Sat. morning 
and as I read these words struck me: 

‎"Do you trust Me to orchestrate your life events as I choose, 
or are you still trying to make 
things go according to your will? I am not a careless God. 
When I allow difficulties to come into your life, 
I equip you fully to handle them. Relax in My Presence, trusting in My Strength." 

Such wise words.....and so very true. 
So I'm going to trust that my year ahead will be a great one.
Relax in His Presence and trust in His Strength. 
Where He leads, I will follow.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Question of the Day

This week promises to be a stressful one 
{will learn the fate of my job this week}
and so I'm in the market for some new positive, upbeat, motivating music. 

So tell me......
What are three of your favorite all time songs that never fail to
 put a smile on your face and a song on your lips? 

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've Been Evil Laughing All Day LONG!

Although I love to laugh I am definitely not what anyone would call a jokester.
But today I played a joke on a friend and I've been laughing about it all day. 
Seriously I've probably cracked up 10 different times just thinking about it!

It was one of those opportunities that just landed in my lap
{literally} and I just could NOT pass it by. 

So here's what happened............
I had an early meeting this morning at a coffee shop with some friends from work. 
There were four of us- me, B, M, and D. 
{no names to protect the innocent}

M and I sat down on a love seat while B and D each took a big comfy leather chair -
one at each end of the love seat.  

M and D got up to go to the counter to buy some coffee.  
B and I were chatting when she noticed that the cushions on the chairs had been switched. The chairs were similar but obviously different.  
She stood up and started to switch out the cushions.  
As she moved the cushion from her chair, 
I saw that there was something underneath the cushion- 
sitting on the base of the chair. 

I said....Oh look, someone left you a treat! 
{it looked like it was a package of some sort of candy from where I was sitting}

She picked it up and started CRACKING UP and tossed it to me. 

Imagine my surprise when I caught it and saw that it was a CONDOM!
We were cracking up and imaging how it must have fallen out 
of some college kids pocket who had been sitting in the chair recently.  

As I held it in my hand I looked to my left where my friend M had been sitting. 
And in her spot was her big old purse- sitting WIDE OPEN.

I looked at B and said.......
Oh I know exactly what I am going to do with this "treat"!

And I slipped it into M's big old purse and placed it in the bottom corner,
under a bunch of other things. 

So someday soon M will be digging for something in her purse-
maybe a pen, maybe her keys and she will pull out that little "treat"! 
{or maybe her husband will?}
And she will be wondering how in the world it go there!
{She's a fun friend who will think it's a hoot or I never would have done it!}

Oh my I would seriously pay to be able to see her face when that happens!
Can you imagine?

I {heart} Sonic ....part 2

So Angie {a sweet commenter} asked if I would change my
This home runs on......sign to This classroom runs on.....
so it could be used for a Teacher Appreciation gift along with a Sonic card. 

Isn't that a fabulous idea?
So below is the sign with the word classroom instead of home.  
Yay for giving your child's teacher Sonic gift cards!
It's truly the fuel that keeps us going!

This Classroom

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I {heart} Sonic

Anyone that knows me knows I 
My daily Route 44 Diet Coke truly is the fuel that keeps me going!

So the other night I came up with this sign that
 totally and completely sums up our home.
I put it in an old frame that I spray painted.
How fun is this?

Does this describe you?
Want one?
Here you go! 

{I made it in 5 different color combos but if you'd like it in another 
color combination leave me a comment and I'll add it for you!}

this home

Today's Creative Blog

The DIY Show Off  Tip Junkie handmade projects    

Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday Morning Question of the Day

My husband and I had a conversation this morning about 
the people running for school board and city council in our city. 

I said to him that I would like to be on the school board 
someday....after I retire from teaching.  
I'm not so sure I'd want to go through the campaign process though.  
Thinking about all that public speaking and having my picture on stuff 
makes me a little sick to my stomach. 

What about you? Would you ever run for public office?