Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Question of the Day

This week promises to be a stressful one 
{will learn the fate of my job this week}
and so I'm in the market for some new positive, upbeat, motivating music. 

So tell me......
What are three of your favorite all time songs that never fail to
 put a smile on your face and a song on your lips? 


  1. Not sure if this is your kind of music but I love "Stuck on You" by Sugarland! Anything with a good beat gets me moving. Hope that you are safe this week and sending you big hugs!

  2. I like Chantilly Lace by Elvis. And Danny's Song by Anne Murray.

    And I have every confidence in you!(andasweetprayerthatwewillbecolleaguesnextyear)

  3. Walk'n On Sunshine by Catrina and the Waves

    Footloose by Kenny Logins

    I'm Gonna Be (walk 500 Miles) by The Proclaimers


    PS Hope its all good news!! You are to AWESOME for the school system to loose!!!!!

  4. These are pretty random, and not well-known, but I have loved them since the first time I heard them. When things are uncertain, these are the two songs I go to:
    "Blazin' Your Own Trail Again" by REO Speedwagon
    "Rhymes and Reasons" by John Denver

    Praying God will lead you down His path, and that you will have peace and confidence that His Will be done. Love you, Love you, Love you!

  5. "That Thing You Do" by The Wonders
    "At The Zoo" by Simon & Garfunkel
    2nd Side of Abbey Road by The Beatles (starting w/ "Here Comes the Sun")

    Praying that your stress is low. But whatever happens, God has big plans for you (Jer 29:11)!

  6. Hi! I just started reading your blog, and am kind of sifting through it, and wanted to comment on a favorite song. I have recently been introduced to a guy named Andy Grammer, and he has a wonderful song called 'Keep Your Head Up'. It's very upbeat, and happy, and my 4 year old loves dancing and singing along with it! It's also got a great message, especially when you're in a funk.