Friday, July 28, 2017

August Scripture Writing Plan: Sabbath & Rest

Happy almost August friends!
The new topical plan for this month is over a topic I've been doing a lot of reading on:
Sabbath & Rest. 

I struggle greatly with resting and being still and God's been very 
clearly speaking to me about this in the past few months. 
I think as a mom, wife, and mother it's just hard to allow myself
 time to be still with so many things to do and take care of. 
{I'll post in the next few days some resources I've been using if you too struggle with resting.}
My prayer is that every verse in this plan is a reminder 
to you of God's desire and command for us to rest.

I made the plan 31 days and plan to do that with
 all topical plans in the future so that they can be done any month-
not just the month I write them for.

You can find a copy of the plan in English and Spanish
in the folder HERE.

At the suggestion of a blog reader, I also decided to do
a fun iPhone lock screen with the plan on it.
You can download a copy of it HERE.

Below is the plan for the month of  August from last year.
You can download a copy in the folder HERE

At the urging of some blog readers, I've also created a long version of the plan this month
and placed it in my ETSY store HERE.

It a 127 page printable digital file that includes:
-The 31 Day Scripture Writing Plan on the topic of Sabbath and Rest
-A page for each day with the verse written out in NIV version with space for you to write the verse
-A page for each day with the verse written out in The Message with space for you to write the verse
-A page for each day to write observations, keywords, and takeaways from the verses
-A page to write next steps, prayers, and applications from the verses
-A page with six printable Sabbath and Rest verse cards

Here are a few sample sheets:


It's perfect to print and bind or put in a notebook.  
It would also be great to print and give someone as a gift! 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

He Alone is My Strength

This week has been a whirlwind of sadness that began with the very 
unexpected death of a dear friend and co-worker. 

This sweet friend- a precious, strong, brilliant, bright light in this world is gone 
and has left her friends and family left shattered, reeling & broken hearted. 
Our hearts ache thinking of her precious children growing up without their amazing mama 
& the world without her brilliance, but we are thankful she is living with our Lord in 
paradise and that we WILL see her again one day. 

(She loved the beach more than anyone I know so I love thinking of her sitting on the most amazing beach
 ever with the sun shining on her & that beautiful smile on her face and a drink in her hand.)

Grief is hard and awful and I've said several times this week that there is no right or 
wrong way to process the loss of someone you love. 
It's okay to be sad and angry- even when you love 
God with all your heart and trust in His promises. 

To question WHY- even when you know without a doubt 
you will see your loved one again one day. 

To struggle to make sense of senseless tragedies-
 even when your heart aches and you just can't understand.

I am so, so thankful that I am not alone, that God grieves with us in our
 pain and sadness and that He is near, holding us in the palm of His mighty hand.

Thank you sweet Jesus for assuring me that Your promises hold strong and 
true even when life seems awful and devastating. 
You alone are my strength and my hope and I am so thankful for you precious savior.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Struggling to Walk

I took my sweet puppy Poppy for a walk the other night. 
Although super stinking adorable, she struggles on walks- 
sometimes trying to eat the leash, sometimes trying to lead and run ahead, 
sometimes getting tangled up in the leash, sometimes following far behind me, 
sometimes getting startled & distracted by loud noises nearby, 
and sometimes getting tired and just gives no up and sitting down mid-walk. 

As we walked and I laughed at her I thought about how much I'm like Poppy. 
I KNOW God is in control and has the very best for me, and yet I still struggle
 to follow Him sometimes. 

Sometimes I try to lead, sometimes I get weary and stop, 
and sometimes I follow far behind Him ignoring His call to me. 

Y'all I'm just like my crazy, silly puppy. 
Jesus leads me to keep me safe because He loves me so-just like I love Poppy. 

Deuteronomy 5:33 is the perfect reminder of this to me.... 
"So be very careful to act exactly as God commands you. Don’t veer off to the right or the left. Walk straight down the road God commands so that you’ll have a good life and live a long time in the land that you’re about to possess."

My prayer for us today is that we are reminded that we are to walk straight 
down the road following Him- not veering to the right or the left- 
remembering that His guidance is for our safety & protection 
and is because He loves us so!