Thursday, December 18, 2014

Printable Christmas Tags and Prints {& a $2 gift idea!}

We have a craft night each year at church and last year I created 
some little chalkboard printables that could be used as tags or as ornaments. 

They were a hit last year so this year I decided to make a few more! 
I made them first using a font I love and think they turned out super cute. 
However....once I tried printing them small, the words were hard to read. 
They are great for big prints, not so much for little ones.  

  You can download a copy of these HERE

So....I changed the font. 

You can download a copy of these HERE

I also made a sheet of the tags already tag size and you can find the PDF for that HERE

They look super cute as gift tags- just write the name on the back of  them! 

Now if you need a last minute inexpensive gift idea, 
then this is for you! 

Print out one of the prints on white cardstock on your home printer. 
Then, go to Target and grab one of their super cute $2 frames. 
They were on an end-cap at my Target and they had them in 
silver, white, red, black, and gold. 
$2- what a steal! I heart Target so!
Put the little print in the frame and you have a super cute $2 gift! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

Christmas Ring and Run

Several years ago I wrote about something super fun we did 
one year for Christmas- Ring and Run!
Ring and Run is based very loosely on the song The 12 Days of Christmas
and is kind of a Christmas random acts of Kindness!
It was so much fun I'm thinking of doing it again this year! 

Here's how it works:
You choose a family to surprise and every day for the 12 days leading up to Christmas 
you leave a little treat on their doorstep along with part of a poem, 
ring their doorbell, and run away!

The year we did it we chose a sweet family with 3 little girls and I cannot tell you how much fun we had buying and delivering little treats for them! 

Although this tradition is supposed to be totally anonymous, 
we altered that rule just a bit and let the parents know what we were up to. 
{Sneaking around in someone's front yard might tend to cause the police to get called and so we wanted them to know that we were not prowlers or burglars & filled them in on what we were doing.}
It was so much fun sneaking up to their front door, leaving a treat, and speeding away!

If you just want a copy of the poem, you can find it HERE.
{Only the first page is listed below but the link is all of the poem!}

I made some fun tags that you can use to print out
to leave with y our gifts- and even included the gift for the night
at the top of each tag.  

You can print out your own tags HERE
{Don't try to just save the little images above, they'll be too little and blurry!}

Who can you bless with Christmas Ring and Run?  

Friday, December 5, 2014

I {heart} Dayspring!

I {heart} Dayspring! They have such awesome products 
and are always having great sales! 

They have some great items on sale today including
some great stocking stuffer ideas

Here are my favorites on sale today- each is only $5! 

This super cute planner is only $5! 

This super cute insulated cup is only $5 too! 

Their record-able The Birth of Jesus storybook is on sale for only $5! 
It's normally $24.95 so this is a FABULOUS sale! 
Such a fun idea- you can record yourself reading the story of Christmas. 
What a GREAT gift for your child or grandchild!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Scripture Writing Plan

I so loved writing Thanksgiving scripture each day in November
and heard from many friends who said they did too! 
I usually write both the NIV version and The Message version
and since I write mine in the morning before I go to work 
and no one else is home, I started saying them out loud as I write them. 
I'm sure my dogs are loving hearing so much scripture, huh? :) 

I loved it so much that I created a set of Christmas 
scriptures for the month of December. 

Each verse only takes about 10 minutes to copy
and I've included the verse list as well
as a page to write the verses on if you'd like it-
although I use notebook paper to write my verses down. 

Click the image above or HERE 
to download your own copy! 
Praying it blesses you!

For those that have asked, The Bible I use is this one and I LOVE it so-
 it has NIV on one side of the page and The Message on the other side!

(Till midnight tonight if you enter the code HOLIDAY30, you'll receive 30% off any Amazon book!)HERE

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

We Give Thanks

I don't know about you but this world seems to becoming darker 
and more sin filled each and every single day.  
My Facebook feed is full of heartache and pain filled people. 
I more often than ever before find myself saying.....Jesus come quickly. 

I read these words by Ann Voskamp this morning 
{I heart her so!} 
and was so touched by them. 

It was exactly the reminder I need and pray that it blesses you as it blessed me. 
You can print a JPG or PDF copy HERE. 

thanksGIVING Day 25

Monday, November 24, 2014

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