Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hiding God's Word in Your Heart- Week 7

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ,  filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—to the glory and praise of God.

~Philippians 1: 9-11~

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Morning Question of the Day

I have jury duty today
which is very exciting to me. 

Have you ever been on a jury? 
Did you enjoy the experience or hate it? 

Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

This picture makes me laugh! 
That's me driving the boat 
{without using my hands?}, 
my dad's friend Butch wearing some seriously snazzy shades,
and my dad wearing a super cool Budweiser shirt. 

The funniest thing about my dad wearing that shirt
 is that he doesn't even drink beer.  
No clue why he had that shirt
 or why my mother let him wear it! 
We spent many, many, many weekends as I was growing up 
out on the lake water skiing and 
this picture takes me back to those fun summer days! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Morning Randomness

1. If you ever think about sending someone a picture 
of flowers instead of actual flowers, don't.  

2. If you have to stop and think if something you are about to say 
or write might actually hurt someone's feeling- 
DON'T say it because it probably will.

3. It's in the upper 70's all this week and I wore sandals to work yesterday. 
It was in the teens last week.
 Welcome to February in Texas.

4. If you are trying to get someone to do something for you, 
writing them a snarky email is NOT the way to do it. 
More bees with honey than vinegar.

5. Please please please- only have a meeting if
 you really need to have a meeting. 
 Meeting for meeting sake makes me crazy.

6. You know you visit Sonic too often when you pull up to order 
and are greeted with "Yes Sugarplum, that will be $1.40". 

7. My sweet friend Christy bought me a copy of a book 
I loved growing up called "The Little House" 
and it was sitting on my desk this morning.  
It made my day! 

8. These notes stuck outside my office door yesterday
 were precious and made me smile!
Reminded me how a tiny little note can make someone's day 
and that I need to write them more often!

9. Madison and I are going to keep her Aunt's baby Cash
 this Sat. night in Austin and I CAN NOT WAIT! 
{and is it weird that her dad is going to visit her while we are there?}

10. I have jury duty on Monday and I am praying I get picked. 
I feel like wearing a sign that says...
"Pick me, pick me, pick me!"
but I'm thinking that might be a tad too obvious.

Happy Thursday y'all! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Best Valentine

As I spent last week at a technology conference it was
 easy to think of all the things I wished I had.  
I wished I had an iPad, I wished I had an iPhone 4, 
I wished I had unlimited funds to buy all the things I saw. 

And I love how God showed me- as He always does- 
that I truly have all that I need and oh SO much more.

I know in my heart that I am blessed, truly blessed,
 with things, opportunities, and people in my life, 
but sometimes I lose sight of that in the midst 
of this materialistic world we live in. 

The other day my sweetest friend Dory posted about a Mayan family with some serious needs.  A father with some serious medical concerns, children not in school due to the cost, and a family eating only tortillas with salt each day because they can't afford to even buy beans. The father can't work and so they survive on bead work
 that the mother does earning only $6 a week. 
{Sweet Dory donated money so that the father can
 receive the medical treatment he so obviously needs.}

As I read about this family and looked at
 their pictures my heart broke.  
It broke for all that I have and all that they do not have.  
It broke as I thought about all of the ways that we waste money 
and all of the times I throw food away because I cooked too much
 or because we were just tired of it.  
It broke as I thought about this family who if they came to our house
 would think that we were extremely rich and
 who would love to have even just the things that we throw away- 
and would probably then consider themselves rich.  

So I decided to sponsor Antonio Abraham, 
who is 10 and in the 4th grade
 so that he could attend school.  
For only $180 a year, for $15 a month,
 less than $3.50 a week this sweet little boy can get an education. 

 $3.50 a week is not even half of what I spend on Sonic drinks a week.  
And that makes me ashamed.
It makes me sad to think of all the ways I waste money,
 money that could instead be used to truly help those in need.  

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and although I received lots of treats- 
beautiful tulips, lots of candy, some sweet cards- 
the best gift I received came via email late last night.  

In my mailbox was an update about sweet little Antonio Abraham 
who yesterday got his backpack for school and two pairs of new shoes.
Look at that smile.  
It's truly priceless. 
And without a doubt, that is the best $15 a month I'll ever spend. 

If you are interested in helping one of these families, 
please go here to see the latest needs. 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday Morning Question of the Day

Happy Valentine's Day! 

I love Valentine's Day. 
It's a fun day to get to spoil my sweet family with special treats and gifts. 
I love making special heart shaped breakfast muffins 
and brownies
 and other treats I know they will love. 

What about you? 
Do you love it or hate it? 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Morning Question of the Day

Due to safety reasons 400 people who had tickets to the Super Bowl did not have seats to watch the game.  They fought the traffic, stood in super long lines, and then found out they would have to watch the game from a club area.  They were given papers stating that they would be reimbursed 3 times the cost of their tickets. 

Do you think this is fair compensation for
 not getting to watch the game? 

If not, what do you think would be fair? 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Girl Panties

I love the saying
Put on your big girl panties and deal with it! 
and say it fairly often. 
{usually in regards to myself}

As I mentioned the other day our school district is doing some major cuts and my position is being cut from 6 ladies down to 3.  I work with some amazing and fabulous ladies and this situation is difficult because we all truly love our jobs.  Knowing that only half of us will remain in our current position next year is hard and the not knowing until this summer is REALLY hard. 

We are getting together this week for a belated Christmas celebration
 {two of us were out for surgery in December} 
and I decided that perhaps we could all use some "big girl panties" 
so that is part of my gift for them.  

Here's what I did:

First I grabbed one of the tons of Crystal Light
 containers I have saved 
{I drink LOTS of it and the containers are awesome- 
you just have to cut off the wrapper and 
you have a perfectly clear cute little container!}
and cut off the wrapper. 

Next I purchased some plain ladies underwear. 
{of course you could use any kind of panties}

Next I rolled each pair of panties into a tight little pantie burrito
 and taped them with a piece of scotch tape.

Then I typed up a little paper with a cute pair of panties 
and the big girl pantie saying. 
{I'll post it below in case anyone wants a copy}
I printed them on a regular sized piece of white paper
 and cut off the space at the bottom. 

I took a pantie burrito and wrapped the piece of paper around it 
and secured it with a piece of double stick tape.

I slid the pantie burrito into the Crystal Light 
container and put the lid on. 

I then added some fun ribbon and my big girl panties were ready to go!
big girl panties


Beyond The Picket Fence

The Blackberry Vine

Disclaimer: This is meant to be purely a visual representation of a very 
COMMON silly expression and is certainly NOT meant to offend anyone. 

Happy Birthday to Sweet Dory

Happy Birthday sweetest friend! 
I love you so very much and thank God daily for you!

I hope your day is fabulous and fun and full of being reminded of how loved you are!

Hiding God's Word in Your Heart- Week 5

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things that CRACK Me UP!

{Click the picture to view full screen!}

This is so funny and so spot on! 

While listening to {similar to Pandora} this message pops up from time to time and the line about "been eaten by a bear" make me laugh.