Wednesday, May 18, 2011

These Things

These things I know to be true today:

1. You should always ALWAYS check the lid on your Route 44 Sonic drink before carrying it in to work with your hands super full.  ALWAYS.
{or you'll be wearing it. not that I know anyone who would do that}

2. God has a plan and His plan is always the BEST- even if we can't see it. 

3. I CAN put on my big girl panties and do something that makes me super anxious. 
{and not pass out in the process}

4. Someone saying "You are right and I am sorry" even if it doesn't change anything, 
makes me feel so much better. 

5. It's important to tell people how much you appreciate them, not just assume they know. Seriously....TELL THEM.

6. A massage is one of the best cures for stress- EVER. 
 {I often think if I was independently wealthy I'd have one every week but then I wonder.....
if I was independently wealthy would I need one every week?}

7. There are only 7 more days of school and then my sweet girl will be a SOPHOMORE. 
How did that happen? She was just a baby the other day!!

8. There will be donuts in heaven.  Seriously....there will. 
 {don't you think so?}

9. It's impossible for OCD me to end a list at nine so 
I'm just writing something random to fill this spot. 
{please tell me that's not weird}

10. In just 12 days...TWELVE days...I'll be at Dory's house and
 that makes me so happy I want to do a happy dance!   
Can. Not. Wait. 


  1. Great list! And # 10...well that is one worth looking forward to...I think I'lll go call my bestie.

  2. Oh there have to be doughnuts in heaven, or why else is there Krispy Kreme here on earth? But you know they really do have to be Dunkin Doughnuts for me to be really happy! I miss them and have way too many when we are on the east coast.

    And I learned something about Sonic! They do a low cal drink called "Low Cal Diet Cherry Limeade" good. I am trying to cut down my caffeine intake and this is so good!

    Enjoy your visit, want to beg/plead with you to take lots of pictures!

  3. 1o days now!!! woooohooooooo :D