Thursday, May 5, 2011

I've Been Evil Laughing All Day LONG!

Although I love to laugh I am definitely not what anyone would call a jokester.
But today I played a joke on a friend and I've been laughing about it all day. 
Seriously I've probably cracked up 10 different times just thinking about it!

It was one of those opportunities that just landed in my lap
{literally} and I just could NOT pass it by. 

So here's what happened............
I had an early meeting this morning at a coffee shop with some friends from work. 
There were four of us- me, B, M, and D. 
{no names to protect the innocent}

M and I sat down on a love seat while B and D each took a big comfy leather chair -
one at each end of the love seat.  

M and D got up to go to the counter to buy some coffee.  
B and I were chatting when she noticed that the cushions on the chairs had been switched. The chairs were similar but obviously different.  
She stood up and started to switch out the cushions.  
As she moved the cushion from her chair, 
I saw that there was something underneath the cushion- 
sitting on the base of the chair. 

I said....Oh look, someone left you a treat! 
{it looked like it was a package of some sort of candy from where I was sitting}

She picked it up and started CRACKING UP and tossed it to me. 

Imagine my surprise when I caught it and saw that it was a CONDOM!
We were cracking up and imaging how it must have fallen out 
of some college kids pocket who had been sitting in the chair recently.  

As I held it in my hand I looked to my left where my friend M had been sitting. 
And in her spot was her big old purse- sitting WIDE OPEN.

I looked at B and said.......
Oh I know exactly what I am going to do with this "treat"!

And I slipped it into M's big old purse and placed it in the bottom corner,
under a bunch of other things. 

So someday soon M will be digging for something in her purse-
maybe a pen, maybe her keys and she will pull out that little "treat"! 
{or maybe her husband will?}
And she will be wondering how in the world it go there!
{She's a fun friend who will think it's a hoot or I never would have done it!}

Oh my I would seriously pay to be able to see her face when that happens!
Can you imagine?