Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Back Seat

From the first day Maddie rode in a car home from the hospital, she's ridden in the back seat. Through car seats facing backwards, car seats facing forward, booster seats, and regular seat belts, she's always been in the back. As she grew older, others allowed her to ride in the front seat with them.

My dad lets her.

Her dad lets her.

Honey lets her.

Her grandmother lets her.

Basically, everyone EXCEPT me lets her.

And it drives her absolutely and completely batty.

I always tell her that it's because it's safer and that I love her more than anyone else- and that's why they let her ride in the front while I make her ride in the back.

That answer is always, always, always followed by a response of..................MoooooooooM!

This fact came up the other day when I was driving with my friend Debbie. She could not believe that I still made Maddie ride in the back seat. She said...........

Shannon, if she's old enough to start getting boobs, she's old enough to ride in the front seat. Seriously. She's 12, not 2.

The next morning on the way to school, I told Maddie what Ms. Debbie had said and she said...

I love that Ms. Debbie. She is so smart. You need to listen to her.

So then Maddie asked me.............

So Mom, when ARE you going to let me ride in the front seat?

After thinking for just a moment I said............

I'm thinking..........oh about 16 is good.

To which she replied...............

16? 16? Are you kidding me? Mom do you realize that at 15 I'll be able to learn to drive? How am I going to learn to drive..........from the back seat??????

And my response was...............

Haven't you ever heard of a back seat driver?

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  1. Your a such a hoot. I didn't allow my older two to sit up front until they were 12.

    They only fought once over the front seat and I told them they would both have to ride in the back forever if they argued again. Argument stopped!

  2. I can remember being a kid and my dad cutting the seatbelts out of the car because they "got in the way!" I never wore a seatbelt until it became a state law.

    After working at the ER, I am a huge proponent of seatbelts. When I see kids not belted in or heaven forbid, a toddler not in a car seat, I get very upset. If people only knew what could happen to those sweet little bodies in a crash...

    I am with you - Tell Maddie she can sit up front if she lets you wrap her in bubble wrap, wears an asbestos racing suit, and a helmet with a face shield. :)


    I found a BIG roll of bubble wrap in the garage this weekend... want me to send it to you per Jen's suggestion?? Maddie will LOVE me for it!

  4. And you do have to worry about her tiny frame and the air bag on the passenger side. It usually has a minimum height and weight so as to not get injured during an accident. There is another reason for Maddie to stay in the back seat.

    You are going to have a fun teenage run with her, I can tell. Is she a lot like you?

  5. Yes, I agree. The backseat. Boo still sits in the backseat too