Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Randomness on a Tuesday Morning

A list this morning because it's fast and I'm in a hurry:

1. Thank you so much for the prayers for my sweet friend S. The surgery went well and they were able to save the majority of her kidney and were able to remove ALL of the cancer! The surgery ended up being more involved than they had expected though, recovery has been harder than hoped, and as a result she is still in the hospital in Houston. Please keep her in your prayers- please pray that she is doing better and on her way home very soon.

2. After a long day of cleaning (I now have a clean closet and clean floors- woo hoo!), cooking, shopping, errand running, etc. I arrived home Sat. night at about 8pm to find these on the table. A gift from my sweet Daddy and my sweet Maddie. What a precious and unexpected blessing!

3. We had to work yesterday. How un-American is it to work on Labor Day? It was stinky to have to leave Honey all snuggled up in bed asleep. So not fair.

4. Maddie has to do 30 minutes of physical activity for PE each day- activity outside of school. She starts dance today and some days she has 5 hours of dance classes so she'll have no trouble getting in her requirement. But last night she didn't have dance so after finishing her homework she did her activity. She played the Wii. For homework. Playing Wii for homework? How crazy is that? She cracked me up as she went to play saying.............I love homework!

5. My Smartboard is so stinkin neat- I can barely stand it! I promise I'll tell you and show you how cool it is later this week!

6. If you have not yet read The Shack you must. Seriously. Run, don't walk and GO GET IT. NOW. It is amazing. AMAZING. And it truly will bless you.

7. If you have a few minutes (or hours) to play, go and play Untangle. If you don't have any time to spare, don't go because goodness it's addictive. Well, either addictive or infuriating. You decide.

8. We saw the movie The Longshots this weekend. Such a cute (mostly kid appropriate- only a few potty mouth words) movie - based on a true story- with a great message. My favorite quote was.............."If we think about the things we do have, we forget about the things we don't have." Wise, wise words!

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