Sunday, January 24, 2016

Praying for Your Husband & Praying for Your Wife CARDS

I truly believe that praying for your spouse 
is something all of us who are married SHOULD do all the time but.....
doing so in the midst of the insanity of life is HARD
and sometimes it's difficult to know specifically WHAT to pray. 
I think many people WANT to pray but 
just don't have the words. 

Because of my own desire to pray for my husband 
I created a set of scripture prayer cards to give me
both a visual reminder (I carry them in my purse)
and the specific words to pray as well as scriptures 
to pray over him each day. 

I love them so much I made some for some sweet friends 
and then added them to my ETSY store where they've been a big hit. 

One friend has her set for her husband in the shower (since her set is laminated) 
and prays for her husband every day while she showers. 
Such a smart use of time isn't it?
Another keeps her in her car so that she can pray anytime she stuck in line or traffic! 

Until now I only had a set for wives but FINALLY put together a set for husbands too
 and just posted the wife version (red, navy, green, or black) in my ETSY store. 

Just like the husband cards, each set is an instant download & 
contains 16 cards- one cover & 15 others that each contain a prayer and
 a scripture to pray for your spouse. 
They would make a fabulous Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie
or a gift for a sweet couple friend! 

As instant downloads you can purchase a set, print them out 
and keep them for yourself or give them as a gift! 

The great thing about a digital download
is that you can print as many copies as you'd like!
So you buy once, and can print multiple copies!

All the digital download sets have general names on them
 (wife or husband) but if you'd like one with a specific name,
 just message me through ETSY and I'll be happy to personalize 
a download for you and create a custom order. 

The cards are formatted for a full size sheet of paper 
but directions are included for printing 4 per page (which is how I print all of mine).  

All of the cards can be found HERE in my ETSY store.

Until 2-14-16 ❤
use code HAPPY to get 15% off your order.