Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wait, what? ~ Part 6

Wait, what? ~ Part 1
Wait, what? ~ Part 2
Wait, what? ~Part 3
Wait, what? ~Part 4

Arriving home from MD Anderson 100% certain that I wanted my surgery done there, I placed a call to the surgeons nurse early the next morning. We tentatively scheduled surgery for Sept. 17th-providing the other surgeons were available that day.

I hung up the phone excited that we had a plan- yet with a giant pit in my stomach because I couldn't help but wonder what I would do if my insurance denied me having the surgery there. I knew that since it took forever to get a single visit covered, that getting brain surgery covered- at an out of network hospital- was VERY unlikely. 

Since I work for a school district, our calendar year begins Sept. 1st. We were in our open enrollment period for benefits and as I went through my selections {that very afternoon} I came across the short term disability option. Now I knew that since my brain tumor was now a pre-existing condition, there was no way I could add this coverage but since our sweet insurance lady's office was just around the corner I thought I'd go ask, just to make sure. 

What happened next can only be explained as a true miracle from God. I went into her office and asked if I could add short term disability- knowing the answer was no. And of course she said no.  She asked why I would need it and I then explained that I had been diagnosed with a brain tumor and told her the struggle we had had with our insurance and how worried I was they would deny the surgery at MDA. 

She immediately said "Well you just need to change insurance!" to which I replied "If only I could! I'm pretty sure they wouldn't accept me because of my pre-existing condition. Who would knowingly cover a new member with a brain tumor?".  

She then explained that they had no choice- since it was continuous coverage- they had to accept me! {Had I been a brand new employee, they could deny me- but since I was just changing my option under existing coverage with the district- I could change. She then pulled out the book that listed all of the options and showed me one that had MDA as an in network hospital and even figured out what my maximum out of pocket costs would be.

Who but God could orchestrate that? Seriously.  I wish you could have seen me- I was almost jumping up and down I was so excited! {Well, as excited as one facing brain surgery can be I suppose!}  I left her office, when back to mine and immediately logged in and chose my new insurance.

During the next few days she called that new insurance company, had them input my information as an urgent case (it doesn't take effect until Sept. 1st and normally they don't take any information until then), and even contacted my insurance advocate at MD Anderson to give her all the details.  I've actually already even received my new insurance card in the mail.

How cool is God to work out so perfectly the details? I know that we often read of miracles in the Bible and it's easy to think that He no longer performs them. But oh how He does!

So we are now confirmed for surgery on Sept. 17th which is 3 weeks from today.  To be honest- I am terrified and running around like a crazy woman trying to get all of my work life and home life in order.  Not knowing how I'll be after surgery and how much recovery I will require is scary to me.  As someone who loves to have all of her ducks in a row and a plan for everything this is a beyond frustrating.

Although I don't know what life will be like when I wake up from surgery what I do know is that through this God is in control and I just need to trust in Him.  In His timing and in His plan.  So I'm clinging to His promises....

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. 
I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

—Isaiah 41:10


  1. Praying for you dear! You are so inspiring.

  2. I will put you down on my calendar for prayer during your surgery. God shows us his miracles and mercies EVERY day. I know! Be in thanksgiving. Dare to find JOY in the every day, you will be amazed at how incredibly joyful your life will become when choosing to be thankful! And, think of what was the most incredible thing that Jesus did for you!!! Blessings sweet lady!

  3. WOW! God is so amazing!!!!! You are right, only God could make this happen. I will be praying for you!

  4. I will be praying for you! I've been following your story - your blog is one my favorites - I check it so often and have depended on all your great, organized links at TRS for several years now. I don't know you personally but you are what I call my "bloggy friend" and I will be praying so hard for you and your family and eagerly waiting for an update on how well you are doing!!

  5. i too know first hand that He does perform miracles. although my miracle came in form of a sweet baby who wasn't supposed to be, your miracle is just as viable. miracles happen. and i continue to pray for you daily. your strength amazes me. i've only seen you in person a few times since you found out about your tumor and i can tell you have God by your side. keep Him there, sweet friend.

  6. Praise God praise God praise God! I am so happy for you Shannon! I have been praying that God would work out the details for you to have your surgery there. I can't wait to tell my close friends your news they have been praying for you as well. Do you think your daughter or a close friend would be able to update your blog after your surgery? I know I will be anxious okay not anxious the Bible tells us not to be anxious.... But wanting to know how you were doing after your surgery. You have a lot of people praying for you and loving on you and your family although we've never met. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us here. God is so good love you.

  7. I've been praying for you each day and will continue. God has your back.

  8. Wow, I'm amazed and so thankful for how God is orchestrating your medical care and coverage!! I, too, feel like jumping up & down and applauding -- but I'll stick with only applauding because my chronic inner ear disequalibrium doesn't like jumping :-) You're on my prayer list (and have been since I discovered your blog sometime around "Wait! What?" #1 or #2). Your surgery date 9/17 is my birthday and I'll be praying hard for you all the way through! I'll be praying for God's peace in the midst of our off-'n-on anxiety as we cope with life's scarey episodes. Know that I'm hugging you in my prayers too.