Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Wait, what? ~ Part 2

Wait, what? ~ Part 1

After the MRI I was in a funk.  The MRI made me sick and I spent the next few days super cranky and just not feeling good.  My sweet friend Betty invited me to come visit her for a few days so I left early on Sunday morning to drive to her lake house a few hours away.

{Betty is a precious friend - beautiful inside and out- and one of the most godly and wise women I have ever known.  She's not old enough to be my mama but she definitely is a mama-like influence in my life and I love her so. }

We spent Sunday just visiting and out on the lake- just relaxing and talking- which is exactly what I needed.  We planned to go shopping on Monday morning so after breakfast we both got ready to go.  While in the bathroom I had my phone charging in the bedroom.  When I returned to the bedroom I noticed a missed call and a voice mail message.  It was from my doctor and he said he would call me back.

And then I started to worry.

Because usually, the doctor doesn't call, the nurse does.

And usually, they just leave a message saying everything is fine.

We were driving down the road headed to shop when my phone rang.

Betty was on a business call but when I looked at the screen I knew I had to answer my phone because it was my doctor.

I love that he didn't beat around the bush and got right to it.

He said..... "The MRI showed something.  You have a tumor."

I didn't hear much after that.

I could tell he was focusing on repeating the words "slow growing" and "benign" but other than that his words were just a blur. Through my tears I motioned for Betty to find something to write on and something to write with and I wrote down the name of the tumor before getting off the phone.

While he talked I just kept thinking- a tumor? In my brain? The MRI was just a routine precaution.  It wasn't supposed to find anything.

Betty had gotten off the phone and pulled off the road into a parking lot. So after I hung up the phone we sat there crying in stunned silence.  Betty prayed for me and I thanked God for orchestrating that I was with her when I got the call. God is good and He knew I was going to fall apart- so He put me in a place where it was safe for me to do so.

And fall apart I did.