Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thursday Morning Randomness

1. If you ever think about sending someone a picture 
of flowers instead of actual flowers, don't.  

2. If you have to stop and think if something you are about to say 
or write might actually hurt someone's feeling- 
DON'T say it because it probably will.

3. It's in the upper 70's all this week and I wore sandals to work yesterday. 
It was in the teens last week.
 Welcome to February in Texas.

4. If you are trying to get someone to do something for you, 
writing them a snarky email is NOT the way to do it. 
More bees with honey than vinegar.

5. Please please please- only have a meeting if
 you really need to have a meeting. 
 Meeting for meeting sake makes me crazy.

6. You know you visit Sonic too often when you pull up to order 
and are greeted with "Yes Sugarplum, that will be $1.40". 

7. My sweet friend Christy bought me a copy of a book 
I loved growing up called "The Little House" 
and it was sitting on my desk this morning.  
It made my day! 

8. These notes stuck outside my office door yesterday
 were precious and made me smile!
Reminded me how a tiny little note can make someone's day 
and that I need to write them more often!

9. Madison and I are going to keep her Aunt's baby Cash
 this Sat. night in Austin and I CAN NOT WAIT! 
{and is it weird that her dad is going to visit her while we are there?}

10. I have jury duty on Monday and I am praying I get picked. 
I feel like wearing a sign that says...
"Pick me, pick me, pick me!"
but I'm thinking that might be a tad too obvious.

Happy Thursday y'all!