Thursday, April 29, 2010


When I was in the 11th grade
 I vividly remember going to the movies
 to see the Eddie Murphy movie Raw.

My 40 year old self is absolutely SHOCKED to the core that
1. My mother would let me go see that movie. 
(so wish I could ask her- what were you thinking?)

2. That I would even consider going to see that movie. 

3. That I went to that movie on a first date with a boy 
I was absolutely smitten with.
(and had been in love with for a very LONG time)

I remember that neither that sweet boy nor I had even the slightest idea 
what type of movie it really was and 
I was so nervous and excited to be going out with him
 that I would have watched anything.
Absolutely anything. 
Even a bloody horror movie- and I HATE those.
(oh the things we do for love!)

I vividly remember sitting in the theater turning
9 million shades of red as we watched Raw.
I couldn't believe I was watching that movie
and that I was watching it next to J. 

The language in that movie was horrid. Seriously horrid. 
The f word was said what seemed like at least 2,000 times.

I don't remember much about the movie at all other than the terrible language 
and the fact that
 I was so stinkin' excited to be there with J that I could barely sit still!!

But there was one bit in the movie that
 I still remember over 23 years later
  (good night nurse I am old!) 
because it absolutely cracked me up! 

I found that bit on line last night and it had me almost crying watching it. 
There are a few (3 I think) ugly words in it (but not the f word)
so be warned if you watch it. 
But if you need a laugh today, watch it because it is a hoot!
(and if you do watch it, check out the gloves he wears the whole time- talk about an 80's flash back!)