Friday, April 30, 2010

Flashback Friday

I love posed sweet pictures and 
 have lots of those of my sister and I from when we were growing up.  

But I also love those pictures that tell part of a story
or those that make you wonder what was going on as it was taken. 

This picture is one of those pictures and I love it!

Here is what I do know about this picture.

It was taken on our front porch-
 before my sweet mother let my sister and
 I pick out the new color of our house-
 which was a bright turquoise color. 

I'm pretty sure I am two in this picture which means my sister is 5. 

Judging by our matching clothes it was Easter 
because we ALWAYS wore matching clothes on Easter. 

Clothes that my mother
 (a single mother trying to support two little girls all by herself with no support)
sewed for us. 

However, judging by the look on our faces, 
there was obviously something else going on in this picture. 

What it looks like to me is that my sister 
(who is standing there looking all sweet and innocent)
had just done something to me and
 I was pointing at her and running to tell on her. 

It cracks me up every time I look at it. 

So, what do you think was going on? 
Any ideas? 


  1. Since I am the older sister in my family, I know exactly how it would have gone at my house: Younger starts something, and Older finally gets fed up and responds, then Younger gets feelings hurt and has to tell someone it is Older's fault.

    But I'm SURE that is not what happened with YOU two!

  2. Your Flashback Fridays always make my week! If it helps at all, your sister looks guilty of something. :) Chris

  3. I think it's funny that your mom (or dad) took the pic anyway, when you were standing there pointing! :o) I love that your mom let you guys pick out the paint color. What a hoot!!

  4. She took your favorite Easter treat? Or pulled on one of your pony tails? I love the dressed alike photos!