Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What a Week!

So far this week....................

A 39th birthday (thankful it wasn't 40)

A new camera that ROCKS and that I love !!!

A trip to the courthouse where I did NOT get picked for Jury Duty :(

Two days of practice TAKS testing

Two unplanned fire drills (during practice TAKS testing)

A hail storm (also during practice TAKS testing)

A back that decided to go out, AGAIN

A new mattress that I love, love, love!!!!! (hopefully that will help with the back)

Had a conversation that I was dreading but that went very well

Too much cake and candy.......and too little time at the gym

And it's only Wed.............can't wait to see what the rest of the week will bring!


  1. What do you mean, you're glad it wasn't 4-0?!!! :o) I hated it but, so far, it's not been that bad!! ;)

    I can top all of that........

    On Sunday, we are planned to bring home our 17 yr. old nephew's 2 month old baby boy that he and his girlfriend are realizing they are struggling to raise!! (Temporary Guardianship until September.....for now??.....)

    Bet the rest of your week won't top that!!
    Thanks for your prayers....even though you said you didn't know what for!! Now, pray for precious baby! (That's him on my blog...the post under the top one.)

  2. i am having a week, too! And I don't see any down time til the afternoon on April 19th......

    good thing our Lord gives us strength, no?


  3. What a week, and you are only 39...

    40 isn't that bad...45 is coming up for me a week from tomorrow, and I hear that 45 is the new 35!


  4. Shannon!! I hope that you had a wonderful birthday!! I also wanted to thank you for the amazing cake that you baked us! Pregnancy+Shannon's cake= one happy mamma! :) Thank you for always being such a sweet, sweet blessing to me and me my family!

  5. Gosh... what a week you've had! I'm glad you have a light weekend ahead of you so hopefully you can rest a bit. You know.... REST. You heard that word before? :o)

  6. Hope Thursday was restful for you :)