Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Over spring break, Tony's cousin (who's more like a niece because she is the age of his niece's) Amy came to visit for a few days. She's in her final semester of college and will graduate in May. She's a precious girl and we had a great time shopping, visiting, and chatting.

One day as we drove to an adorable tea room in a neighboring town, we lost reception of my favorite radio station (KSBJ out of Houston). I said.........Oh, let's just listen to some Toby and I pressed play on one of the CD's in my stereo.

(Toby is Toby Mac- a Christian Hip Hop artist whom I have come to love over the past year as Madison and her friends have danced to many of his songs.)

Toby started to sing and I started to sing along.

Amy stared at me in shock, shook her head, and said...

Not only do you know who Toby Mac is...........you actually know the words to his songs?
I am shocked.

As I was telling this story to Madison the other morning as we drove to school
I laughed and said.............

I think Amy was truly amazed that I knew Toby and all the words to his songs.
But you know me...........
I'm cool like dat.

She looked at me with a mortified look on her face and said ...........

Do NOT ever say that again.


That is so NOT cool.