Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Morning Question of the Day

I have jury duty today and I am sooooooo excited!
I hope and pray I'll get picked- I would LOVE to be on a jury.
(I know.............I am weird).
So today's question is.................
Have you ever been on a jury?
Did you like it or hate it?


  1. I have never been on a jury. I was called to duty once, but was excused after one day as my then boss told me I could not serve. I was young and terrified of losing my job so I believe him and asked to be excused. I wish I had stayed and I wish they would call me up again. I feel the same as you. I think it would be a great learning experience and so much fun.

  2. I've been called twice but never had to serve. Good luck ~ I hope you make the cut, you silly girl!

  3. No, and I don't know if I would like to be on a jury or not!!

  4. I served once when I was in college. The process was interesting, but the trial was a complete waste of time. And I only got $6 per day which didn't come close to covering gas and lunch, not to mention that I missed a week of work with no pay. For me, it was a bad experience.

  5. No, I have never been called.

  6. I've been on jury duty several times. The most significant time I was a juror was for a murder trial where a local physician's elderly mother had been murdered by a young man 19 years old. It is easy to be a bystander and say "burn em" or put em away for life. But in reality, when you have a young person's life in your hands, it's a tremendous weight that you withstand.

    Being retired, I actually dont mind doing jury duty now, but prior to retirement, it placed a real strain on me as I always stayed overtime to catch up on all my work. It's been a little over a year since last serving and we can only be called once every 2 years. But what is funny, I think once your name goes in the cycle, you are on their "hit list". haha I've been called 3 times in last 7 years and my better half has NEVER been called.

  7. I was on jury duty once. It was interesting. Fun in the sense of seeing the judicial process at work - making it a learning experience. The drawback for me was that I was still nursing Boo at the time and on the last day we didn't get to leave so hubby had to bring all of my "pumping" equipment down to me - so while everyone else was having lunch, i went to the bathroom; it was just a little embarassing.

    I hope you get picked if that's what you want. :)

  8. I hope you have many blessing this 39th year.

  9. I get called every year, either by the county court or the federal district court, but have never served; the closest I came was waiting for 3 hours at the county court house before being dimissed.
    I would like to be picked at least once, just to be involved in the process, but I'd be afraid I'd get stuck on one of those long, drawn out cases & would be forced to use my vacation time (we only get 5 days of paid jury time)

  10. I was on jury duty twice in my life. I was picked for one jury...disturbing the piece was the was a Hell's Angel biker.

    We had a hung jury...the judge was so mad. It shouldn't have been a jury trial to begin with and to come back without a verdict...not good. He actually admonished us like we were children. I voted guilty, but most of the other jurors were afraid to convict because this guy hung around their town and they thot there would be retribution by the biker's gang.

    Hell's Angel - 1
    Justice - 0

    Be careful what you wish for.

  11. I served once, and was on a jury.. it was interesting and fun! It wasn't a life or death type case, so it was cool.. We felt very important, doing our duty.. I wish they'd call me more!!LOL
    hugs, and happy Birthday!

  12. I have never been on a jury but, I have always wanted to be!
    Sorry you didn't get your chance!