Tuesday, August 5, 2008


UPDATE: ROWT 11, ROOT 9 so far.............................boy is it close! Way closer than I expected! If you haven't commented, let us know your vote please! (And woohoo to KK and BW for commenting- you girls ROCK! :)

So I have a very important question that is driving me crazy and I really, really, really need your help. This question is so serious that it is causing me to lose sleep at night. Really.

I've found recently that several of my very dearest friends and I differ in one very big way.

It's a HUGE difference but one I pray that will not alter our friendships. You know, Satan can use all sorts of little things to cause division between believers. I pray this isn't one of his sneaky ways.

This huge difference is that..................

we differ in the way that we order our drinks at Sonic.

When ordering a drink at Sonic, some people say.........

I'd like a Route (pronounced ROOT) 44 Diet Coke please.

while others say..................

I'd like a Route (pronounced ROWT) 44 Diet Coke please.

So here's the big question..........which way is the correct way? (And by correct I don't mean, what does the dictionary say. I mean, what do most people say).

My friend Vicki and I had a big discussion about this the other day while out shopping for door prizes for our workshops. The discussion started because one of us says ROOT and the other says ROWT. We discussed which way was the correct way for several minutes as we sat waiting to place our order at Sonic. Since I was the one driving (and ordering) I decided to put the Sonic girl to the test and try to get an answer to this question that was driving me crazy.

So when it was my turn I said...................
I'd like a ROOT 44 Diet Coke and a ROWT 44 Diet Sprite please.

Y'all, there was DEAD silence after I said that.

She seriously said NOTHING for a minute or two.

During which time Vicki and I laughed hysterically (yet quietly) and waited.

We could just imagine that poor girl asking her co-workers......do you think that lady knows that those are the same size?

Finally, the poor girl said..............
So that will be an extra large Diet Coke and an extra large Diet Sprite. That will be $2.14.

Isn't that a hoot? Made me laugh so hard!!

So since I couldn't get the answer at Sonic, here is where I need your help.

If you are reading this- please, please, please leave a comment and tell me what you say when you order a drink at Sonic (or what you would say if you were going to order a drink at Sonic).

In order to find out the true answer I need EVERYONE to leave a comment. This means you sweet people who tell me you read this blog religiously but have NEVER left a comment. (People like KK and BW.) Or those of you who read daily but who only occasionally leave a comment. Or those sweet friends who leave a comment on every post. (I love you for that by the way!)

I promise that leaving a comment is easy-peasy.

If you have never done it before, here's how you do it............

All you have to do is click on the little SWEET WORDS at the bottom of this post. It will open up a new little window for you and all you have to do is type in your comment and if you don't have a blog or user ID, you just click on anonymous. (If you click anonymous, make sure you put your name at the end of your comment .) Click post and that is it! See how easy it is?

So please, please, please tell me, do you say ROOT or ROWT? My inquiring little mind needs to know.

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