Tuesday, August 5, 2008


UPDATE: ROWT 11, ROOT 9 so far.............................boy is it close! Way closer than I expected! If you haven't commented, let us know your vote please! (And woohoo to KK and BW for commenting- you girls ROCK! :)

So I have a very important question that is driving me crazy and I really, really, really need your help. This question is so serious that it is causing me to lose sleep at night. Really.

I've found recently that several of my very dearest friends and I differ in one very big way.

It's a HUGE difference but one I pray that will not alter our friendships. You know, Satan can use all sorts of little things to cause division between believers. I pray this isn't one of his sneaky ways.

This huge difference is that..................

we differ in the way that we order our drinks at Sonic.

When ordering a drink at Sonic, some people say.........

I'd like a Route (pronounced ROOT) 44 Diet Coke please.

while others say..................

I'd like a Route (pronounced ROWT) 44 Diet Coke please.

So here's the big question..........which way is the correct way? (And by correct I don't mean, what does the dictionary say. I mean, what do most people say).

My friend Vicki and I had a big discussion about this the other day while out shopping for door prizes for our workshops. The discussion started because one of us says ROOT and the other says ROWT. We discussed which way was the correct way for several minutes as we sat waiting to place our order at Sonic. Since I was the one driving (and ordering) I decided to put the Sonic girl to the test and try to get an answer to this question that was driving me crazy.

So when it was my turn I said...................
I'd like a ROOT 44 Diet Coke and a ROWT 44 Diet Sprite please.

Y'all, there was DEAD silence after I said that.

She seriously said NOTHING for a minute or two.

During which time Vicki and I laughed hysterically (yet quietly) and waited.

We could just imagine that poor girl asking her co-workers......do you think that lady knows that those are the same size?

Finally, the poor girl said..............
So that will be an extra large Diet Coke and an extra large Diet Sprite. That will be $2.14.

Isn't that a hoot? Made me laugh so hard!!

So since I couldn't get the answer at Sonic, here is where I need your help.

If you are reading this- please, please, please leave a comment and tell me what you say when you order a drink at Sonic (or what you would say if you were going to order a drink at Sonic).

In order to find out the true answer I need EVERYONE to leave a comment. This means you sweet people who tell me you read this blog religiously but have NEVER left a comment. (People like KK and BW.) Or those of you who read daily but who only occasionally leave a comment. Or those sweet friends who leave a comment on every post. (I love you for that by the way!)

I promise that leaving a comment is easy-peasy.

If you have never done it before, here's how you do it............

All you have to do is click on the little SWEET WORDS at the bottom of this post. It will open up a new little window for you and all you have to do is type in your comment and if you don't have a blog or user ID, you just click on anonymous. (If you click anonymous, make sure you put your name at the end of your comment .) Click post and that is it! See how easy it is?

So please, please, please tell me, do you say ROOT or ROWT? My inquiring little mind needs to know.

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  1. I order ROWT 44 drinks.
    I also call the roads I take to work my ROWT.

  2. It would be interesting to see where people were raised as to whether they say ROOT or ROWT!!

  3. That's funny! Now that you put my brain on the spot, I'm not sure what I say. - I've been practicing here, pretending with my imaginary Sonic window - I think I say ROWT 44. Yes definatly ROWT 44. I hope that agrees with you! LOL

  4. I think I use Rowt most of the time, but I always hear about root 66. So I am as unsure now as you. I have never thought of it before. There are several things that I say though that make people know I am from Pgh.

  5. I order a route (rowt) 44 at Sonic but don't we get our kics on route (root) 66? If I am giving people directions, I give them a route (rowt) to take. If a team beats another mercilessly - how do you spell that? By the way, I became a Texan by taking a route from Kentucky.

  6. I think I order differently each time... I just had one yesterday... I think I said ROWT. But I did just have the whole ROOT 66 conversation in my head before commenting. Born in Florida... raised by Yankees.

  7. OK....BW is responding! You make me laugh. Being from Texas, I say ROWT! Keep on blogging dear one...you inspire us all!

  8. It is ROOT!

    But then again, I am married to a man who says "warsh" and "getta". Grr! Talk about annoying! I know my english and those are not words! :-)

    It could be Route (as in beet root) 44 (which it is) lol!

  9. This is from BW....you make me laugh. I say ROWT because I am from Texas. Keep on blogging dear one because you inspire us all!

  10. I say ROWT 44, but ROOT 66.

    How mixed up is that?!

    Thanks! Now I have to go find my dictionary!!!


  11. I'm not much help because I use them interchangably. I usually say "rowt" when I'm talking about a road, but "root" when I'm talking about something like a drink. Weird, I know...but then that's me. lol

  12. You should ask a rural postman. He'll probably tell you it's said both ways. The entire time I was growing up our address was Route #4 and I heard it pronounced both ways for over 20 years. Good luck finding the "correct" way. I don't think one is more correct than the other.

  13. Well, I am a hidden blog reader too my dear friend...I have actually been meaning to send you an email for some time but today I had to delurk to answer your question. (Is delurk a word?)

    Anyway, I say Rowt...I thought the only ones that said root were from the north but maybe you proved me wrong!

    Don't worry, you will get my email soon...:-)


  14. I'm not sure it is a geographical thing more than a generation thing but I am from Ohio and I say ROWT.
    We just got our first Sonics around here in the last 6 months or so and I have never ordered anything bigger than a "medium".

  15. Rowt.
    and I really miss sonics here in the pacific northwest. I used to go every day when I lived in florida.

  16. I, too, tried to imagine I was at the drive up. I think I say ROOT. When I was little I lived on ROWT 7 however.

  17. In that particular case, I would say "Root", since it's simliar to "Route 66"
    But, then again, the majority of the time when I see that word, I say "Rowt"
    (We have a similar debate with "depot"- as in "Army Distribution Depot"- 1/2 the people say "deepo" & the other 1/2 say "depo")

  18. I say Root 44, Root 66,(both of which I live off of) but I live on a Rural Rowt. I don't know why!!LOL But I order a Root 44 at Sonic!! And my laptop uses a wireless Rowter! Now you've got us really confused!LOL

  19. ROOT I have no clue why. I grew up in Wichita, KS. When I travel I find out which ROWT is the best. Take it for what it's worth :)

  20. I've thought about this all day... I can't remember the last time I even used the word root or rowt in a sentence so I am truly not sure... but I do believe I say ROOT. (But I've heard you order it several times so I know what you say... mum's the word on that!)

    This reminds me of the debate over how to pronounce the word *oil*. Wonder how everyone says that?

  21. I'm not sure if I am the KK you mentioned, but I am posting anyway. :) I say ROWT 44! And as hot as it has been in Texas, I have been saying it a lot lately!


  22. I would probably say 'root' but I can only order large drinks from Sonic as my cup holder will not hold the 44 oz. size. I had a very traumatic experience rushing to finals one day. {sigh}

  23. Growing up in Crockett we said, Rowt 4 Box 33, for someone's address. Now while walking to the mailbox at Rowt 3, people were humming the song, "I get my kicks on Root 66." So...there you have it. Problem solved! : )

  24. Good question. If talking about going from one place to another I say ROWT. If I was ordering a drink at Sonic I'd say ROOT.

  25. I am late here, but I have to say that I think the commercials say ROOT.

    FUNNY about the hip hop shirts!! LOL!!!!!!!

  26. I say Root. Besides the fact that's how I pronounce the word regardless, my logic is that Sonic is a Drive-In modeled after those of the 50s and 60s, so it only makes sense to pronounce it the way you would pronounce the road. Like I'm always telling my roommate when we make our daily Sonic runs...You get your kicks on ROOT 66, not ROWT 66. But it is funny though. Even the employees at our local Sonic say it differently every time.