Monday, August 4, 2008

A Bathroom Makeover

Well here it finally is. One of my two summer bathroom makeovers. I didn't take many pictures of the bathroom before taking the wallpaper down- but here are the few shots I did take. These shots show you the lovely 90's wallpaper that was put in this bathroom when our house was built. Basically every surface that could be wallpapered, was wallpapered. You can't see it from these pictures but every wall in the potty/shower section was also wallpapered. LOTS and LOTS of wallpaper.

And here are some after shots.

After means after spending a million or so hours stripping the paper, patching and sanding, patching and sanding, patching and sanding a little more, priming, painting and painting the walls once again. With a little help from TJ Maxx, EBay, Target, and Hobby Lobby- here is our new little bathroom!

This is my $1 lamp from the dollar store! (The shade is from TJ Maxx and was a tad more than a dollar, but still very reasonable!) The frame was also a dollar store find and so was the cute little stand it sits on.
I love the dollar store!

Although it is certainly not perfect, we love it!

P.S. The pictures make it hard to tell but the room is a tan/khaki color- NOT pink. Maddie would have loved pink though but I didn't think Honey would so we settled on this tan color instead.

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