Friday, August 8, 2008

My Girl

Wed. afternoon I went to a friend's house to help her strip wallpaper in her bathroom. I didn't leave my friend's house until after 10:30pm. As I got in the car, I noticed I had a missed call and a text from Maddie asking when I would be home. I arrived home at about 11pm and was shocked to find her still awake (she very much like her mama- early to bed, early to rise). She met me as I walked in the door and said..........

Hi Mom, I got bored while you were gone. Come see what I did.

I was a little apprehensive because often times in Maddie's life boredom= making a huge mess (think art projects using glue and glitter or tents that take up every single blanket and pillow in the house).

But boy was I WRONG! Big time wrong!

She took me first to show me her room. Her VERY CLEAN room and closet.

Then she took me to her VERY CLEAN bathroom.

At this point I felt her head and asked if she was feeling sick. She laughed and said she was fine, just bored.

Then she took me to the living room where she showed me that she had straightened up and lined up all of the pillows on the couch and love seat just like I like them (because I am a freak and for some bizarre reason I can't go to sleep without the pillows in their places).

Then she took me into the kitchen. She had cleaned off the counters, ran and unloaded the dishwasher.

At this point I was almost speechless.

Then she took me to the pantry to show me that she had straighted it up and organized it.

Then she opened the refrigerator to show me that she had cleaned it out and then taken the trash out.

I was shocked.
I was amazed.

She is my child after all and has some of my cleaning passion in her somewhere!
That's my girl!

To reward her for all of her hard work I told her that we would go to the movies and see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 on Thursday and that she could invite a friend.

We saw the first movie after reading the book and it was cute and had very little inappropriate content or language. Because of this, I did something I almost never do. I did not check this second movie on

If you don't know about Plugged In Online it's a fabulous place to check out movies and find out any inappropriate language or content before you go to the theater. I check it religiously before allowing Maddie to see a movie. Well, religiously except for yesterday. And boy was I sad.

The second movie definitely had some adult content that I would have preferred she not see. As we sat in the movie and one of the young college girls became intimate with her boyfriend for the first time- Maddie's head snapped over and she looked at me, quickly reassuring me that it was okay by saying..........It's okay, I know that you should NOT have sex when you are not married. Don't worry mom. Really.

So I tried to continue watching the movie but then the boyfriend comes out of the bathroom and says "It broke". Maddie immediately looks over and VERY LOUDLY whispers.........What broke?

You could hear laughing around us and I shushed her saying.......I'll explain it but not right now honey. She persisted, saying over and over and over again..........What broke? I don't understand. I sat there alternately trying not to laugh and kicking myself for not checking this movie before we came to the theater.

She finally stopped asking and just watched the movie but as we left the theater she immediately brought the subject up again. She said............

When he came out of the bathroom and said "It broke" I had no idea what he was talking about. I thought he meant his you-know-what broke. I didn't know you could break that. But then I figured that if that happened he would be crying really hard because I am sure that would hurt. But then he said "My uncle gave it to me 2 years ago" so then I was really confused because his uncle couldn't give him a you-know-what. So what the heck broke?

Oh my....................... I am so NOT ready to have a teenager. Really NOT ready.

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  1. All right. You are sooo going to laugh at me for this (and I assure you, I would NEVER admit this on anyone else's blog but since I know you love me anyway - despite the fact that I am a TOTAL moron sometimes... here goes)

    I was reading this and got to the part where *it broke* and I was thinking.... ummm... WHAT broke? I'm with Maddie on this one... what broke? And if it was something his uncle gave him... what IS it????

    I read it... didn't get it... read it AGAIN.... and thought - "Ok, this is stupid - I should know what that means..." and I started to walk away from the computer (thinking I need more coffee to GET IT) and as I was going down the stairs - it HIT me! Duh! I get it! I get it! lol

  2. good to have the heads up on the movie....and i am so sad that poor boy's zipper broke...he really should be more careful the next time he goes to the bathroom...guess they just don't make clothes like they used to....

  3. LOL - Oh I have had a few doozy conversations here about things. I always know when TJ pulls me into my room, shuts the door and says, "We need to talk." I am in for some red-face time.

    Now that M is done at your house how about sending here over here to explain to my boyz how to straighten up? LOL Since you won't come over and all...hehehe

    And here I was thinking that the toilet broke...Good thing it was only that boys zipper.

  4. Thanks for the clarification guys, obviously my mind was somewhere other than zippers. I have actually taken care of men with "you know whats" that actually have been "broke" so out of the context of the movie you can see how I was very confused. Birds and the Bees the sad thing is innocents is getting tossed away at very young ages these days; Good for you for trying to keep your little girl as innocent as possible in this world!

  5. Im with Dory ....It took me a while thinking what broke??? I too am glad it was just his zipper. At least he can get that fixed.

  6. The things that I miss because I don't have children in our house. You handled it as best you could in that situation. Good thing that you aren't one of those people that Google everything. Heavens! Maddie is a smart girl! Hug her from her *Auntie* in spirit!

  7. Oh dear :-S
    I'm sorry for your discomfort- but boy-o-boy, was that funny :-D

  8. Do you remember where my house is, around the corner from you the next time she gets bored?!!!!!
    We always check and read Plugged In Online!

  9. OK...I THINK I've stopped laughing out loud! Now, since Maddie is turning into her mom (re: cleaning and organizing) then if "it" ever "breaks" when Maddie is older, I'm sure she will have a bottle of Super Glue, a needle and thread and a pair of small scissors in a bag in her purse and she can just fix that zipper right there for him!

  10. I laughed so loudly that I woke Daisy up. :-D