Thursday, August 7, 2008

All Sorts of Random

There is all sorts of random stuff rambling around my brain this morning. (Imagine that!) So here I go in an effort to clean some of it out.........................

I found some super cute t-shirts to order and wear at hip hop class this fall but Maddie was mortified when I showed them to her. What is wrong with that girl? I told her I was just trying to be fly. :)

The picture I posted yesterday was of Maddie being fitted for her very first pair of pointe shoes in Houston. It was a day she has been waiting for for what seems like a sweet forever and she was so stinkin excited she could barely stand it! It is truly a milestone in dancing to begin pointe classes and she smiled the whole way to and from Houston. This year she will be taking 10 dance classes each week and I think pointe is the one she is most looking forward to. (And don't even bother to tell me that 10 classes is a ton.......I know, I know.......and I'm thinking of looking for a part time job to pay for both the classes and all the shoes!)

It looks like we are totally split on the ROOT vs. ROWT issue. Thanks so much for voting! I had to laugh because my sister voted exactly opposite of how I would have voted. I say ROWT when ordering at Sonic and ROOT when talking about a road. Isn't that a hoot? So including my vote, we had 12 votes for ROWT and 10 for ROOT. Pretty close I would say. I guess either way is right. I wonder what they are taught to say at Sonic School? Maybe I'll start an experiment to find out. I'll alternate between the two when ordering, ROWT one day and ROOT the next and see what they say back to me when repeating my order. Could be interesting don't you think? Oh, and DeAnn? I am so SORRY your car drink holder won't hold a Rt. 44 drink. That is just so so so so sad. Can you believe that I actually know of people who tested out to make sure that a Rt. 44 drink would fit in the drink holder BEFORE buying a new car? Can you believe someone would do that (not anyone you know..........uh uh.......not anyone who has red hair and an addiction to Sonic drinks......nope...........someone TOTALLY different.)? Some people are crazy aren't they?

Look at this silly sign we saw in Houston. It cracked me UP! I definitely could NOT take a class there.
If you can't read it, it says..........Sexy Women in Sweats and Beginners Yoga.

I found some beautiful brown floral fabric while shopping with a friend this past weekend. Fabric that just happened to match my new living room rug fabulously. Fabric that just happened to be on sale 50% off so...........I just had to buy some.

I got home, grabbed a screw driver, a pair of scissors, and a staple gun. (Well to be totally honest, I actually had Honey use the staple gun for me because that thing- it scares me ALOT). And in less than 15 minutes...........voila!!!!

A newly covered piano bench that I love! I love a project that is easy, inexpensive, and super quick!

Happy Thursday sweet friends!

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