Wednesday, July 9, 2008

What TWO Words?

Maddie is a girl that LOVES, LOVES, LOVES stories. Even if she has heard a story 100 times, she wants you to tell it to her again and include every single solitary detail that you can remember. She especially loves stories about when she was a baby and when any adult was a child. Even if you have told her the story once, she will ask to hear it over and over and over again.

The other night when we were out to dinner with my sweet Daddy, she asked me to tell me the story about the day she was born. Now she has probably heard this story 30 times before, but she wanted to hear it again. So I told it, again.

This time however, I went into great detail-because she usually loves that.

But I think that this time, I overdid it just a tad with the details.

Or maybe more than a tad.

I say that because there were two words that I used in my telling of the story that she did not know and she asked me for their definitions.

Once she heard the definitions of the two words (which I would not tell her until after we left the restaurant) her exact words to us were:

I am NEVER having a baby. Uh uh...............NO WAY!

Can you guess what the two words were?

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(Here's a tiny hint- both words start with the same letter!)