Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Tickled on Tuesday

This is the actual sticker from our new oven. I laughed so hard when I read it!

In case you can't see it- it says: Be 2 persons to install the range.
Be two persons? How does one do that? Heck, if I could figure out how to do that, imagine all that I could get done!

This is a ridiculous picture of me (the roots are better in this picture than in the last but those wrinkles are still there! :( but at least I am standing in my pretty new yellow bathroom!) demonstrating what I saw a young man doing when I was recently at the doctor with Maddie. This young man walked in with his baby (and a girl I assume was his girlfriend or wife) and I had to actually get up and get a drink so I could make sure and see if I saw what I thought I saw. He had a straw (in it's wrapper) behind his ear. What the heck is that all about? In case someone happened along with a Sonic drink for him? I mean......I'm a huge Sonic fan but don't carry around a straw. (Well, I carry one in my car and one at home and one at school but not on my body!)

Debbie and I found this at the Dollar Store the other night and it absolutely had me laughing so hard I almost cried. It's a divorce/ break- up room spray called Rid-Ex. When exactly, where exactly and how exactly does one use that type of spray? And who the heck came up with that idea?

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