Friday, July 18, 2008


I ran to the nail salon yesterday morning while out running errands to get a quick pedicure on my poor tired toes. As I settled in the pedicure chair, my sweet friend Wendy came walking in smiling and sat down beside me.

She said:

I thought that was your car when I pulled into the parking lot.

And then I walked by it and looked inside and saw a Sonic drink.

And then I KNEW it was your car.

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  1. People know me by the Diet Dr.Pepper soda bottle or the water bottle. Or better yet the Diet Dr.Pepper soda bottle with water in it! :)

  2. That is too funny! I am drinking my Route 44 diet cherry coke to you! Have a nice pedicure!

  3. I want a pedicure!!

    Glad Wendy got one, too.

  4. Where do you go get your pedicures? I'm looking for a cheaper place so I can afford to go more often.

    Oh - I made your Mexican Lasagna for a family that just had a baby & they LOVED it! I gave you the props!

  5. I always wonder what people think when they look inside my car. I've had some pretty strange things in there.

  6. You are such a crack up. I hope to one day try a Sonic drink since I have heard so much about them. We don't have any around here.

  7. Nobody called me for a pedicure! Next time, call me and I will bring us all a Sonic drink!

  8. Wish I could have joined you guys! She offered but, I had no $ at the time! Little did I know of my windfall to come.....