Monday, July 21, 2008


What an amazing weekend!

Watching my sweet daughter and hundreds of girls dance for Jesus was truly an indescribable blessing. It is always such a wonderful weekend and such a joy to spend it with my daughter and some sweet (and hysterical) friends!

It was a weekend full of:

lots and lots and lots of laughter
funny stories
more laughter
praising the Lord
late nights
more dancing
early mornings
messy hotel rooms
more laughter
pajama parties
parking problems
Diet Coke (praise the Lord!)
more dancing
visiting and chatting with friends
even more laughter
funny pictures
eating out
and even more laughter

I arrived home to find my absolutely exhausted Daddy and Honey. Bless their sweet hearts they were still working on putting in the new floors and looked about to drop. (Honey said he is ready to go back to work today to get some rest!)

Maddie and I immediately put our stuff down and got to work helping and cleaning up. By ten last night the floors (minus only our closet- which will be done next Sat.) are DONE! We still have quite a bit of trim work to do and some things to put back up and in place but 99% of the work is done and the floors are absolutely beautiful and I love, love, love them!

As soon as I get everything cleaned and put back up (which may be a while!) I'll post some pictures to show you!

Happy Monday!

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