Thursday, October 31, 2019

November Scripture Writing Plan: Contentment

Happy almost November friends! 
The scripture plan this month is over a topic that many folks have 
suggested when I asked for topic suggestions on Facebook, 

Contentment is such a struggle in our world for so many today.
Because of social media it's easier than ever to compare 
our lives to others and feel we are lacking. 
Relationships, homes, jobs, kids, friendships- you name it, we compare ours to others. 
We see the pretty perfect pictures many post on Instagram and Facebook and look
 around at our own lives life is so NOT like that. 

When we compare, we often spend lots of time thinking "If only....". 
If only I had a bigger house, a bigger bank account, better behaved children, 
a better job, more friends, a more romantic husband, etc.
When we focus on "If I only had..." we start to wallow in it
and almost always become discontent.

We have to remember that God has placed us or allowed 
us to be right where we are right now. 
He wants us to fix our eyes solely on Him and
 to look to HIM for our worth, 
not our circumstances or our position in society. 
The truth is, we don't have to like where we are or what we have, 
but if we will choose to thank God for His provisions regardless of our 
feelings towards those things, we will grow content. 
It's difficult to be thankful in imperfect circumstances, 
but Jesus enables us to be content through His power and His strength.

My prayer is that this month, as we focus on these verses about contentment, 
we take our eyes off of others and instead fix them on Jesus. 
May we find peace that comes only from Him, no matter the circumstances of our lives.  
May we find gratitude in all that He has provided for us 
and peace so that we may truly be content in His faithful provision and blessings. 

FYI: I made the plan 31 days and plan to do that with
all topical plans in the future so that they can be done any month-
not just the month I write them for.

TO PRINT: You can find a copy of the plan in the folder HERE.


  1. A bunch of others probably already told you, but "contentment" is misspelled down the left side of the English Scripture Writing Plan.
    BTW, my wife and I have enjoyed them for almost 2 years.

    1. There are 2. The second one is a different language. 🙂


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