Monday, January 8, 2018

Memory Verses 2018: Week 2

I believe that Satan doesn’t want us in God’s word and will use any and every means possible to keep us from the truth and therefore we must be prepared and have a PLAN!

To work on hiding God's word in our hearts, 
this year I'm going to be posting a memory verse for each week
 along with a printable to print out and hang up. 

Here's the verse for week 2:

A little background....
Micah was a prophet of God during king Ahaz’s reign about 730-700BC. 
During the reign Ahaz, worship of false gods became super popular 
and was accepted in the southern kingdom. 
Ahaz required the priests of Yahweh to offer sacrifices to the false gods, too. 
By the leading of the rulers, priests, and prophets, the people of Judah walked away 
from THE LORD God to serve other gods. 
Micah entered this scene and proclaimed deliverance for the people 
who would go into captivity to Babylon and 
he exhorted them to destroy the nations who came against Israel.

I love this verse because in it Micah summarizes in one verse what God requires of His people and it's like the perfect job description for what we as Christians are to do in 3 easy steps. 

  1. By walking with God- following closely in obedience and awe, Micah was saying that the characteristics of God would become part of their lives. Because God is righteous and just, the people of Israel would also become just and do justice.
  2. The kindness Micah spoke of is goodness and faithfulness to God and to all others. Since God is THE author of goodness, their lives lived in faithfulness to Him would in turn show goodness to other people.
  3. Last, Micah told the people God requires them to walk humbly with Him. He meant they were to live lives of humility to Him, worshiping and obeying Him as their LORD. When people decided to set up other things as their god, they decide they know better than Him. Those people made themselves greater than the LORD God when they decided they knew better than Him. 

Micah was speaking to the people of Israel in Micah but was also speaking to you and to me.
WE are called to daily do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with Him. 

You can print out the verses in English and Spanish
 and the complete list in a folder  HERE