Tuesday, November 28, 2017

December Scripture Writing Plan: Names of God

Happy almost December friends!

The new topical plan for this month is one that I so enjoyed 
researching and am so excited to share with you!

Our God is amazing and incredible and mighty!
There is absolutely NO WAY we can fully understand or describe Him. 
We can’t wrap our tiny human brains around all the things He is & does. 
He loves us more than we can ever begin to comprehend. 
God is the Creator of the universe and everything in it. 
This God of ours is Jesus who became flesh AND
also the Holy Spirit who lives inside of us. 

He loves us so and longs for us to know Him.
One of the best ways to get to know Him more deeply & intimately
 is to learn some of the many names He is called in scripture. 
These are not mere titles assigned by people but, for the most part, 
His very own descriptions of Himself and as such they reveal aspects of His character.

For the plan this month each day lists two different names of God as well as scriptures 
to explore and learn more about our Savior, Lord, and King. 
My prayer is that we are able to take a few minutes each day to learn
more about Him and His great love for us!

You can find a copy of the plan in English and Spanish in the folder HERE.
{Just a reminder, don't try to print the images below or they will be blurry. Be sure to click the link to download a PDF copy!}

 You can find the December plans from last year in the folder   HERE


  1. You need to re-do the December plan. The book of Revelation does not have an "s" on the end.

  2. Oh, Shannon! Thank you SO much for this amazing, wonderful, fabulous, excellent Scripture Writing Plan for the Names of God. OMGollyGosh - this is NO coincidence! Just this morning it came to my mind (not from me, I'm sure) that I need to be focusing on God's names in my studies and prayers this month. I wasn't sure how I was to do it, but now I know!
    Thank you for allowing God to work through you, Shannon!
    Thank you for blessing us all so mightily!
    With love and gratitude to and for you!

  3. Shannon, I have wondered many times how many names God has. Thank you for this writing plan.

    I get your blog emailed to me and I have printed all of your writing plans as you post them. I even have one on "Grief" that you do not have listed on your website.

    I intend to make it my New Years resolution to spend time every evening with my adult daughter writing scriptures based on your writing plans. I love them all.

  4. Hi Shannon!!!!
    I was doing Day one of the Names of God plan and I do not quite get where Adonai is seen in the 2 Samuel passage. I know it means upmost devotion, but I do not see the actual name Adonai. I looked in ESV, NIV, and NCV and am still a little confused. Can you please clarify this?

    Thank you so much for this! I have been using your scripture plans for 2 years now and they have changed my relationship with Jesus. I feel lost when I don't start my day with writing these and my cup of coffee. Thank you for allowing the Lord to speak through you and use you as a vessel to reach others like me.

    1. From Bible Study tools
      Encyclopedias - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - Adonai

      a-do'-ni, ad-o-na'-i ('adhonay):

      A Divine name, translated "Lord," and signifying, from its derivation, "sovereignty." Its vowels are found in the Massoretic Text with the unpronounceable tetragrammaton " YHWH "; and when the Hebrew reader came to these letters, he always substituted in pronunciation the word " 'adhonay." Its vowels combined with the tetragrammaton form the word "Yahweh (Yahweh)."

      2 Samuel talks about God’s sovereignty

  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together. I've been journaling with your plan for 2 years and I can't go a day without writing. I noticed on Day 16 that you referenced the same scripture for both names. Is that correct or an error?

  6. My mom leads the ladies group in her Spanish speaking church. I was so happy I could share the reading plans with her. Thank you!

  7. Thank so much for sharing this! I love doing the monthly writings.

  8. Thank you Melissa. I had the same question after checking several versions. I like to be very precise doing this program even though I may not understand I write.
    The word "Lord" is not always written the same way and I know I've been taught the significance between Lord and LORD, but honestly I don't remember what it is.
    The Young's Literal Translation uses the word Jehovah. I wish there was an 800 number that I could call whenever I have a question.
    Have a good day ladies!

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