Monday, August 28, 2017

First Day of School Teacher & Parent Prayers

Years ago while still teaching in the classroom
I found this fabulous prayer online somewhere. 
I have no idea who wrote it {there was no attribution} 
but I absolutely fell in LOVE with it.
I truly believe it's the prayer 
a teacher should pray every single day of the school year. 

As we head back to school (hopefully tomorrow if this crazy rain will stop)
wouldn't it be a fabulous present to give to a teacher as a first day of school gift?

While on Pinterest one day recently I came across this fabulous 
first day of school prayer for parents! 
I love it so and thought it would be great to share along with the teacher prayer. 
I can think of no better way as a parent to start 
the school year than praying this beautiful prayer!

You can print a JPG or PDF copy of both HERE.