Sunday, May 22, 2016

NEW Prayer Cards

I'm a HUGE  believer in the power of prayer. 
I think many people WANT to pray but 
sometimes we all struggle though with not that we should pray,
but WHAT specifically we should pray. 

So a few years ago I made some prayer cards. 
I made one set of things that I wanted to daily pray 
my daughter and another set of things
 I wanted to pray specifically for my husband. 

Each card includes a prayer and a scripture. 
I printed them out 4 per page, cut them out, 
laminated them and put them on a ring. 
I keep them in my purse and they are a great reminder 
to me to pray specifically for those I love the most.  
If I'm stuck in traffic or line somewhere I'll pull them out and quickly pray. 
I love having something specific to pray- rather than just a general prayer.

I had the cards listed in my ETSY store but last year had to remove them 
because I just didn't have time for the printing, laminating, mailing 
parts of creating them for orders. 

 But at the end of last year I added them back- this time as instant downloads!
 As instant downloads you can purchase a set, print them out 
and keep them for yourself or give them as a gift! 

The great thing about a digital download
 is that you can print as many copies as you'd like!
So you buy once, and can print multiple copies!

I just added three new sets to my ETSY Store- Praying the Armor of God for boys, Praying the Armor of God for girls, and Praying for Lost Loved Ones. 

The Armor of God sets are 8 to a set and can be printed 4 per page. Six of the cards have a scripture reference and image for one of the pieces of the armor of God and one card contains all of the verses together.

The Prayers for My Lost Loved Ones come 16 to a set and can be printed 4 per page. Each of the 14 cards has a prayer and a scripture reference.and are great to keep in your purse and card as a reminder to pray often for those you love who are not saved.

All of the cards can be found HERE in my ETSY store.

From now through June 1st, use the code
 HELLOSUMMER for 25% off your ETSY order!