Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FREE Valentine Printables

If you need a quick printable for your sweetie for Valentine's Day, 
below are some links to some of the Valentine's Day 
ones I've posted over the past few years!

You can print them at home on cardstock or even regular copy paper to 
decorate with or frame and give as a gift!  
You could even print four to a page and use them as little Valentine's!

There are a bunch from last year that can all be found in the folder HERE

And these are from the year before and can be found HERE

and these can be found HERE

and this one HERE

This one is an oldie but one of my favorites!  

You just buy a frame,
 {Walmart or the Dollar Store or even spray paint a frame you already have}
print out the card below in whatever size your frame is,
{there are four different styles in the download- the polka dot one shown above is number 3}
place it in the frame. 

Add a thin dry erase with a cute ribbon and it's ready to go! 
You just write on the glass the reason you love someone
along with their name, and simply erase when you want to change it!
How fun is that?

You could make a big one and hang it on the wall 
or small ones and place them on the dining room table
or even make one for each member of your family 
and hang them on their bedroom doors.