Tuesday, September 9, 2014


I say "Dude" an awful lot. 
{Probably way too much in all honesty}.
"Dude. No way."
"Dude. Seriously?"
"Dude. What the heck?"

So when Madison and I were shopping for tshirts at Baylor and found one that said 
Dude on the front and Baylor on the back she insisted I buy it. 

So I did. 

And the first time I wore it I spent 15 minutes in the 
bathroom taking selfies while making different faces
{Poor Tony just kept shaking his head}. 

That way, instead of sending a text that said "dude", 
I can send a picture of my with my dude shirt on. 

It was one of the most ridiculous things ever but I have had more
 fun commenting on Facebook with a dude pic or sending a dude pic text.  

It's the little things people.

Okay. Now you tell me something ridiculous you've done lately.