Friday, April 13, 2012

Autocorrect Mom FAIL

I was at dinner last night with some friends and Madison started texting me 
asking when I would be home and if I would bring her something to eat. 

I was distracted and talking and trying to text at the same time 
{which was obviously not a good idea}.
Here's part of our conversation: 
Autocorrect Mom FAIL!


  1. LOL. I can so relate. I told my son to undress the couch the other day. (Was meant to be under the couch. He was looking for the remote).

  2. Ha! Isn't technology great. I heard a 3 year old ask to play mom's phone the other day. When she said, "no" he replied in the sweetest little, lispy voice "I'm not going to get on Facebook." I liketa died.

  3. My phone has voice text and if I don't check it after I speak, I may be saying that I am off to Jamaica with all the money, istead of I miss you, honey!

  4. Funny! I still have an old fashion phone, I just learned to text a couple of months ago.


  5. Too funny. Love the autocorrect...not.