Sunday, July 31, 2011

Random Act of Kindness Followup

I shared the other day the fabulous belated random act of kindness my sister
 did last week for my birthday. 
Today she sent me a follow up that the man she helped posted on FreeCycle. 
So very sweet and such a great reminder that helping others- 
even when it seems to be something very small
can truly make a huge difference!  


I wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of those
kindhearted and compassionate people that had responded to my "WANTED"
postings. For the past several years I have been quite active in helping
others in need of a wide range of items. I felt that I was bless with
abundance and with that I was charged to assist those that most
desperately needed my help. Recently, due to circumstances beyond my
control and in part from over-extending that helping hand to others
found myself to be in need. This has been going on for several months
now and will continue through September/early October before I can see
my way out of this situation. I resisted making a posting on - I suppose that it was some degree of pride. Once I
prayed about it and humbled myself I made the request. Our "Houston"
group/community responded immediately and it was quite overwhelming to
me to see the number of people that care about complete strangers that
have a wide range of needs. A few of you I had the opportunity to spend
some time with and I must say that there is a spirit about you that is
quite peaceful and calming. I KNOW where the supply come from and am so
very grateful that He had chosen you to be the vehicle from which I
received these blessings. Believe me when I tell you, I cried, I cried a
lot - tears of joy that is! To know that I have brothers and sisters out
there that want the best for me and care enough to take time out of their
busy lives to see to it that my most desperate needs were met. I am
forever grateful and have prayed that you will receive your harvest soon
and that it too will be so much more than you'll need and it will be
paid forward to others in need. (To KR, our belief system is different
but allow me the opportunity to express my thanks in this manner.) To
the beautiful soul that I met in the WalMart parking lot on Hillcroft:
Your sister also receives my thanks for requesting those 40 to 50 random
acts of kindness for her birthday. When we met I had no idea what you
had intended to do and whenever you revealed what you had done,not only
did I swell up inside with tears I was so overwhelmed, humbled and yet
overjoyed and cried almost the entire evening. Each time I take a bite
of that food I give thanks for you and your sister. To the college
student that brought a doggy bed and doggie sweaters as an extra items,
thank you. they fight over the bed but now manage to BOTH get in it! I
put the sweaters on them and they walked around in circles looking at
each other as if to say, "I look good, don't I Sis?". It was a beautiful
thing to watch. To my neighbor that had made several packages for me, I
am also blown away that it was not just once but 4 times that you
thought of me and sent something over - by he way, your children are
beautiful and very well mannered. I shall close now but will always
remember the kindness that you have shown me and I hope and pray that
someone shall return the favor in kind to you in future days. May you
all continue this beautiful journey called life with peace and grace.
Thank you. Jim