Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

This picture makes me laugh! 
That's me driving the boat 
{without using my hands?}, 
my dad's friend Butch wearing some seriously snazzy shades,
and my dad wearing a super cool Budweiser shirt. 

The funniest thing about my dad wearing that shirt
 is that he doesn't even drink beer.  
No clue why he had that shirt
 or why my mother let him wear it! 
We spent many, many, many weekends as I was growing up 
out on the lake water skiing and 
this picture takes me back to those fun summer days! 


  1. those shades, and probably even that shirt, would be a HIT these days. we too spent many a day out on the lake, but i always drove the boat with my hands. :)

  2. What a great memory. Oh my gosh, the clothes! Makes me long for lake time's going to be awhile.

  3. Talented, no hands! :-)

    But really I love that you share your photos with us. I can see how beautiful and loved you are and the smile on your face is priceless!

  4. Your non-drinking dad wearing a Budweiser shirt made me think of the Hamm's beer towel I used for years as a kid. :) As always, thanks for the picture!