Friday, July 2, 2010

Flashback Friday

People tell me all the time that Madison looks just like me- 
and honestly I just don't see it. 
(Just like the fact that my entire life people always told me I looked
 just like my mother and I don't see that either.)

But sometimes I'll come across of picture of me as a child
and I'll look at it and think....
Hey, that looks just like Madison
and this is one of those pictures. 

I love this sweet picture- 
from my super cute pigtails and white bows,
to the jumper that my mom made for me to wear,
to my grandmother's knee (in her snazzy white pants) in the background.

How do know it's my grandmother's knee? 
I just do.  Would bet money on it.
You don't think you would recognize your grandmother's knee?