Thursday, July 1, 2010

$10 Lamp- from Blah to Fab

Earlier this spring my sweet friend Donna was selling some things 
as she prepared to move.  
I loved this old lamp that was her grandmothers.  
I thought it was cute so I paid the rock bottom price of $5 and
 put it in the closet in my guest room
 thinking I'd tackle it sometime this summer. 

So a few weeks ago I pulled it out and decided that 
I might like it silver instead of gold. 
So I cleaned it up a bit, grabbed some silver paint and a brush. 
 After about 10 coats, I was done. 

It was better but still not what I wanted. 

So I employed the fabulous spray painting skills of my sweet hubby
and asked him to take it apart and paint it black. 

He did and I loved it! 

I then decided I needed a cute shade.
But since I had only paid $5 for the lamp, 
I did not want to spend a bunch for a shade. 

So I went to Goodwill where I found a brand new 
super cute brown paper shade for only $2.99.

I came home and put it on my new black lamp and it was perfect! 

I also grabbed some of my paper posies and
 clipped them on thinking they might be a cute embellishment. 
They were cute- but still not exactly what I wanted. 

I began this little project not knowing where I wanted to put this lamp. 
After seeing it black I decided it would be super cute in my office- 
and would be a great reminder of my sweet friend Donna each day. 
(who I am going to miss like crazy!)

So I decided I needed to change the shade to make it match 
my black and off white color scheme. 
So out came the ivory spray paint and the brown shade turned into an ivory one. 

I still wanted a little something to dress it up so...
I ran down to Hobby Lobby and got some black ribbon for about $2. 
I folded and pinned it and sewed a ruffle of sorts. 

I hot glued it on the bottom of the shade 
and my cute little lamp is finished and at home in my office.
For only $10 I have a lamp that went from blah to fab! 

Beyond The Picket Fence


  1. This turned out beautiful!! Great Job! I know what you mean, things don't always look how we want them the first time around, I love that you're not afraid to keep experimenting to get something you love. :-)

  2. Very cute! It kind of reminds me of the leg lamp that my husband has (a coveted find I got for free 2 xmas ago.)With the black trim. I love the glass detail. Very classy. Nice job.

  3. I love the way it turned out. Looks perfect for your office! :)

  4. Super cute Shannon! I love it! The ribbon completes it!