Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pics from my iPhone this past month

1. Madison with those cute little yellow guys at the movies.

2. My fun friend Jamee being silly with me in Hollister 
(Aka the loudest, darkest, smelliest store in the world!)

3. My favorite bagels. 
FYI- they have 19 grams of fiber in them. 
Do not. I repeat do NOT eat two in one day. 
You will be sorry. 
Trust me!

4. Sweet baby Henry!

5. My dinner in the shape of a heart 

6. A guy on the A&M campus on a unicycle. 
Wish I had gotten another pic a few minutes later 
because he proceeded to jump up the stairs on his unicycle. 
Seriously.  He jumped up each and
 every step as if his bike was a pogo stick!

7. My cute new Vera Bradley glasses

8. Hot Tamale gum.
Love Hot Tamales.
But Hot Tamale gum? 
Not so sure about that.

9. Funny shirt I saw at Hastings.
It said:

It's not you.
It's me.
I don't date psycho chicks.