Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

I rarely pay attention to my cell phone bill other than to look at the amount I owe.
This weekend I happened to glance at both my text messages 
and the number of talking minutes I used 
and holy cow I was a tad shocked. 

I knew I would have more texts but 
I don't think I had any idea quite how many!

What about you-
Do you talk or text more?

And just for fun~
Anyone want to guess how many texts I sent last month?


  1. I text a lot more than I talk.

    Talking 19 of 500 minutes..
    Texting 3782 messages...

    Thank goodness for unlimited texting..

    Did you text more than me, or less? I think about the same?

  2. I only text my daughter and I use 7 or 8 dollars worth of talking time per month!

    I guess 2000 texts!

  3. Not a heavy cellphone user, so we share one cellphone. Just received bill...

    Talking 105 minutes
    Texting 51 messages

    Everything is unlimited so I really never check the details since our bill is the same each month.

    My guess, 5000 texts! LOL

  4. Text most definatly! and i'm guessing you sent 3582 texts ~

  5. I wish I had your phone. :)

    Sounds like Tracie may have the inside track. Or she's an expert @ guessing jellybeans in a jar. :)


  6. Well, this one is an easy choice. Since I do not Text, the answer would be phone calls. Although I never use all my minutes allotted each month.

  7. I text way more than I talk. Our texts for the whole house each month are outrageous.

    I am guessing 4500 texts.