Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

As his Mother's Day gift to me,
 my husband painted our front door. 
It was something I really wanted done and 
I've been asking him for a long time (forever)  to do. 

I absolutely LOVE it! 

That act of service was better than any fancy gift 
he could have purchased for me. 

Don't get me wrong- I love gifts,
but someone doing something for me
means even more to me. 
(obviously one of my love languages is acts of service) 

So what about you? 

Would you rather be given a gift 
would you rather have an act of service done for you? 


  1. I would rather have something done from the heart any day. I mean gifts have their time and place, but I really do like gifts of the heart!

  2. I am not a material girl anyway... acts of service and/or words of affirmation are my love languages. :)

    For Mother's Day, I got a $25 baby oak tree for the back yard and a $3 rain gauge. Those things meant more to me than a new pair of diamond stud earrings.

    Take a picture of your door - I have been thinking about painting ours. Our door is a pretty oak door but it faces west and looks kind of faded. Our house is beige, so I thought red might be kinda cool... but I am open to suggestions. Perhaps if I saw your door, it would inspire me. :)

  3. As I've gotten older and had more babies service totally rocks!!! {Plus, I pay the bills, so I know our budget ;) }}