Friday, May 7, 2010

Flashback Friday

I love this picture of my sweet mother. 

I love the cute card on the bookcase that you can read if you enlarge the pic.

I love the handmade felt ornaments that are on the tree that my sweet mother made. 

I love that my sisters head is partially in this pic on the left side 
and that my head is partially in this pic at the bottom. 

I love that we were wearing matching dresses. 

I love the snazzy 70's outfit my mother is wearing.

I love her sweet smile. 

I love her. 

And oh how I miss her.


  1. I know this weekend is hard for you in so many ways. Just know your previous mother raised a loving, kind, and exceptional woman in you. And she loved you immeasurably.

    And I do too!!

  2. Big hugs, dear S..please know that your mother raised a beautiful woman, who loves and cares deeply for all you come across in this life. And may all that love flow between you and Maddie like it did between you and your mom.

  3. Your mother is beautiful and did a beautiful job raising you!

  4. What a sweet picture. I learn so much about how I want my relationship with my girls to be by listening to you talk about yours with your mom and yours with Maddie.

    A legacy is what she left.


  5. What a gorgeous shot of your mom! This picture and your post made my cry. Your mom lives on in you -- her sweet spirit and creative talents, and loving, giving nature are all things you share daily. I am blessed to call you friend. I love you so very much!