Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Work of Fiction

At a certain age, your child goes from wanting you to
 tell funny stories about them to everyone, 
to NOT wanting you to, AT ALL.  

And my Madison, well, she's reached that age. 

So today, since I can't write about her,
 I'm going to write a totally hypothetical story. 
It is in no way related to anyone I know at all. 
Pure fiction. 

NOTE: All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. 
Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead,
 is purely coincidental.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Adison.  
Adison was 13 and loved to dance. 
She danced at LouAnn's School of Dance and
 had been taking lessons there for 8 years. 

She was at that age where she started getting her monthly "friend". 
Her mother Fannon had taught her to always be prepared- 
to have "supplies" with her at all time- 
in her locker at school and in her dance bag. 

Well one night while at dance Adison called her mother 
and said that she was out of "supplies" and urgently needed some. 
Her mother, even though she was a tad 
irritated since she had told Adison 
over and over again to be prepared,
 brought one to Adison right away. 

The "supply" that Adison's mom took to her was the last one in the house,
so when Adison's dad Rony picked her 
and her best friend Matie up from dance
they headed to the store to purchase some more "supplies".

Now Adison did NOT want to purchase these supplies, 
because she was embarassed.
Rony, however did not mind a bit taking her to the store 
and buying them as he's often had to do that for his wife. 

So, as Adison and Matie hid at the end of the asile, 
pretending to look at something else,
Rony looked for the supplies. 

Since the girls wouldn't come closer to him, 
Rony YELLED down the asile 
"Do you need regular or maxi?"

Of course Adison and Matie were MORTIFIED and ran and hid. 
Rony sent his wife Fannon a text message
 to find out what he needed to buy,
picked them up and went off to find the girls. 

As he found them in another part of the store, 
he held the package up and said VERY loudly 
"Are these the right ones Adison?"

Of course, the girls were again horrified and ran away.

As they got their other purchases and were standing in line to pay, 
Rony again held the supplies up and said 
"Gosh, these things sure are expensive Adison!"

So, the moral of this completely HYPOTHETICAL story is two-fold:

1. Listen to your wise Momma and always be prepared.

2. If you are too embarrassed to buy your own "supplies" at the store, 
don't take your dad with you because he will embarrass you for sure! 

The END.


  1. This was priceless!!!! Way to start my morning! Will you share a fictional story daily? :) Renae Gerth

  2. How sad for Adison, good thing your daughter would never do anything like lol

    I too hope there are more completely fictional stories about Adison and her parents Rony & Fannon.

  3. Rony is my new hero.

  4. Oh that is so full of awesome.

  5. Poor Adison - Good to know that her good friend Matie stood by her side through it all. But I believe Rony and Fannon are teaching her some good lessons and I hope she learns from this shopping excursion. Will there be a sequel to the story?

  6. lol! Too funny! I will have to remember this one! I will need it in a few years times 3! ; )

  7. Some things are just priceless!

  8. LOL!! I think you should write a whole book about Rony, Fannon, and Adison! :)

  9. Poor Adison!!! :) But extremely hilarious! I think you should continue these works of fiction!

  10. Adison should know by now that when Rony has a chance to create a memorable occasion he will take full advantage of it. :)


  11. And some people say they don't like to read fiction ... you are my new favorite author!!

  12. My hubby did something similar to Boo in a department store about a bra. But she decked him BEFORE she hid!