Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Randomness on a Tuesday Morning

1. I had a sweet friend send me an email that said.........
 You do NOT really have panties in your drawer, do you??

So Karen O., this is for you: 
Here they are in the drawer, next to other important things like lotion, a lint roller, 
Advil, a Tide pen, and on top of a Bible. :) 
And here they are on a table in my office. I put the Sonic drink there to show perspective. 
They truly are some BIG girl panties! 
(And if I die anytime soon, will someone please promise to come and delete all the pics off of my work computer? Because if someone saw some of the RANDOM things I take pics of, they would assume I was CRAZY!) 

2. This video that my sweet friend Dayna tweeted about? 
It had me in tears. Tears!

3. Today is a state testing day here.  
For teachers that means a LONG LONG LONG day. 
And today my Sonic's drink machine was BROKEN! 
That is just all kinds of wrong! Seriously wrong. 
(Thankfully I immediately sent a text to my sweet friend Jenny 
who lives near another Sonic and she is coming to my rescue! Praise the Lord!)

4. And this video that my sweet friend Karen P sent me is awesome! 
A motivational Christian rap- love it! 

5. Notes left on my desk by sweet friends
 and their super cute 3 year olds named Lu

6. My sweet girl made drill team (YEA Maddie! So proud of her!) and has already started practicing for a Spring Show to be held next weekend. 
I just wrote my first two checks and holy cow- 
I'm thinking I'm gonna need a part time job so that she can do both dance and drill team. 
(Maybe my Sonic is hiring?)

7. At a craft show here in town this past weekend I bought some homemade pasta. 
Some CHOCOLATE dessert pasta. 
Chocolate pasta. 
Isn't that crazy? 
I just couldn't not buy it and 
can't wait to try it out on my book club ladies in two weeks. 

8. Speaking of book club- our September book is Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. 
It's 1,200 pages. 
1,200 pages. 
So I went ahead and bought it- and so far.....not so great. 
(Do they still make cliff notes? 
Because I'm thinking I might just need some. Seriously.)


  1. OH MY GOODNESS.................hilarious!!

  2. I have that video on my blog!

    Chocolate pasta? Yum!

    There is an audio version of Atlas Shrugged on audible.com and it is 63 hours of listening time! Which is worse, reading or listening? :-)

  3. You totally understand how much I love reading, right? Well, I heard Atlas Shrugged was one not to miss, so I started it about 5 weeks ago. I am on page 317. Page three hundred and seventeen. I NEVER have more than one book going, but I have read 4 other books since I started this one. I don't get it. I take a break and let it sink in, and go back to it, and I still don't get it. Please, please let me know if you get it.