Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1,263,978 Questions

We are in the midst of state testing here in Texas and 
yesterday I had the joy of testing a little boy we will call Matt.
 (not his real name of course)

Matt is a student that REALLY struggles with focus, 
moves and makes noises CONSTANTLY,
and therefore needs to be tested individually. 

Here are just a few of the 1,263,978 questions he asked me 
during our time together yesterday.............

1. Why do we have education?
2. Who came up with education?
3. How could people come up with education when they hadn't had any education?
4. Why do we have to take this test?
5. When does school get hard?
6. Why can't I play on the computer?
7. Why can't I talk?
8. Why can't we play a silent game?
9. Why is there school? 
10. Why do we even need education?
11. When will use all this school stuff we are learning?
12. Why do I have to stay in here when I am done?
13. Why can't I go back to my class?
14. Why aren't they finished in my class?
15. Why do we have to do this? 
16. Who came up with pencils?
17. Why do pencils break all the time?
18. Why do they give us snacks?
19. I didn't eat breakfast.....why do I have to eat something?
20. Why can't I draw on my test book?

And my favorite......................
My mom says all we need is God, family, and love. 
So why do we need to learn all this stuff? 

My response to every single question was the same..........
We can't talk right now Matt, 
you have to focus on taking this test and doing your best. 

It wasn't exhausting, not at all. 

And guess what?
Today, I get to administer the reading test to him. 
Won't that be fun?