Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

How often do you and/or your family eat out? 

Not just going to a sit down restaurant and eating out,
 but running through the McDonald's or Sonic drive-thru 
or picking something up at Subway?

A. Never
B. 1-2 times per week
C. 3-5 times per week
D. More than 5 times a week

I have a specific reason for asking this question, 
am interested to see what everyone says, 
 and will share with you why tomorrow! 


  1. Well unfortunately my answer would fall in between A & B. We don't eat out once a week but we do eat out sometimes...I would say maybe once every other week. This is usually fast food. It seems with rising prices and growing kiddos it just doesn't pay for us to eat out at a real sit down place too often. Luckily, I am learning how to recreate some of out favorite things! ;-)

  2. lately, C for us. sadly. chick-fil-a and subway. usually 3 times a week. so sad to admit. not this week. i have a menu planned and all.

  3. Since fast food joints are hour away and there just never have been the funds to eat out much. I would say maybe once every couple of months. Deprived aren't I?

  4. We don't eat out as much as we tend to order in a lot. We use a site called It has a lot of restauarants in our area that deliver. And when Mitch is as busy as he is and I stink at cooking, sometimes, it is just easier to order in. We tend to be C when we get into our times of having to eat on the fly.

  5. A+1/2

    I budget it so that I can treat myself to a meal (sit down or fast food, depending on my mood) once a month.

  6. We're usually a B family.... it's a treat to eat out once a week or so. :o)

  7. I would have to say 'B' as we usually get pizza about once a week. I honestly can't remember the last time we all went out as a family to a sit down restaurant, or even fast food come to think of it. We just don't have the funds to accomadate eating out. Believe me, if we did we would eat out a lot more.

  8. When I was working and toting kids from place to place, I would say at least 1 meal a day was eaten out. Now I maybe eat out once a week. Deb eats lunch out everyday, usually a grilled chicken sandwich from Mickie's. She gets on a specific "kick" and will eat the same thing for months on end.