Thursday, March 11, 2010


Last week I went from class to class at one of my elementary schools
 and took class pictures for the yearbook.  

It was so fun to get to see all the kids and they absolutely cracked me up-
 especially the little kindergarteners. 

I love that even though they don't know me- 
they were thrilled to see me and gave me lots of hugs. 

It took quite awhile to get them all situated into height order.
They all wanted to stand next to each other and see who was taller. 
 There was lots of moving around, being silly, and laughing. 

Once we finally accomplished getting them in height order,
we then worked to put them into three rows-
 one standing, one kneeling, and one sitting. 

It took forever but eventually we succeeded.  

Once everyone was in place I said to them the same thing
 I said to every group before I took their picture which began with........

"Now stand up straight and tall......"

Of course all the other groups knew what I meant- 
that if you were standing, stand up straight and tall, 
if you were sitting or kneeling, then sit or kneel up straight and tall. 

But you know what those cute little kindergarten kiddos did don't you? 

They took what I said literally. 

And they stood up,
 every single one.