Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I came across a website the other night that had
some of the funniest items for sale EVER. 

I would see each item and think.............seriously?


Who comes up with this stuff?

A small little device that makes the sound of a toliet flushing
to hide any embarassing noises you might be making while going potty.
What a hoot!!!

They look like silk flowers but are actually fire extinguishers.
You are supposed to hang them in your kitchen and
 in the case of an oil/grease fire,
throw them into the pan to put out the fire.

 This folds out perfectly to become a comfortable
and safe seat for potty emergencies.
Lined with a plastic bag it's easy to continue to use the toilet
 over and over while still safely disposing of everything.
Made only of sturdy cardboard, this design
can amazingly support up to 180 kilograms (396 lbs.).
How crazy is that?