Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Morning Question of the Day

I'm the queen of getting things done on Saturday. 

 My motto has always been......get the work done, THEN we can play. 

 I've always thought that the house should be clean, 
the groceries purchased, 
and the laundry done, 
and THEN we can relax or do something fun. 

But my sweet friend Donna said something this past week
 that has made me rethink my Saturday motto.

We were talking about how quickly time
 passes as your children get older. 

She turned to me at one point and she said......

Those high school years will go by so quickly. 
Once she starts high school, you'll only have about 
200 Saturdays until Madison goes off to college. 

I counted it up and it's 237 from now. 

I thought about that all that that night and ever since. 
237 Saturdays until she's off to college. 
237 is not that many Saturdays. 
Not nearly enough. 

The question I keep rolling around in my mind is.....
 what do I want her to remember about how we spent our Saturdays?

Do I want her to remember that we ALWAYS cleaned?

Do I want her to remember that FUN was last on the list?

Do I want her to remember that a clean house
 was more important than us spending time together?

The answer to those questions is...
and HECK NO.

So this Momma is working on figuring out ways to move those
 Saturday "chores" to other nights of the week so that those 237 days, 
can be lived to the fullest! 

What about you?
Do you work or play on Saturday?


  1. I had to chuckle at this post. When my kids were at home, my motto was "When I'm long gone, do I want my children to remember me as the Mom who played on the floor with them, or the Mom who kept the cleanest house in town?". I'm grateful that I chose to be on the floor with them or as they grew older, to be at every single ballgame, ballet recital, etc etc.

    Now with no kids at home, I might just have the cleanest house in town, lol. Everything is perfectly in its place, no toys to trip over. I had a big realization when my oldest child turned 13 and I raised my hand and said, I can count on just one hand how many more years my son will be living at home. In the grand scheme of things, 5 years is such a short period of time.

    So enjoy those "fun" moments, take time to smell the roses. Your housework will be there when they are not and won't seem near as important.

  2. There are almost 12 years of age difference between my first daughter and the next one. By the time Beebo was born, like with Suki was already moving at warp speed.

    Sometime during the first few years of Beebo's life (and the beginning of Luby's, born 2 1/2 years later) I realized that I had missed out on so much of Suki's life because I'd rather clean on Saturday than go to the park. I changed my ways - drastically. (I am sad when I think that Suki got the short end of the straw on that deal.... but the beauty of having such an age gap in my kids is I truly realized how FAST it goes. And the younger ones have benefited from that.)

    I like a clean house, don't get me wrong. But, I don't want to put the time into doing it! I'd rather spend Saturday hanging out with my family. The housework will ALWAYS be there to do. My girls will grow up and move on with their lives and I'll STILL be trying to catch up on housework!

    You know how many weekends I'm running around like crazy Sunday evening, trying to get ready for the week because I've spend Saturday loafing. If I could get more organized on Fridays - I wouldn't even have to do that! lol

  3. You are right, the time we have with our kids is fleeting and precious. I find myself starting and stopping a millions tasks while we are home together. I start to do chores and then stop to play, and then get frazzled at the end of the day when "nothing" is done. And I wonder what impressions I am leaving on my daughter.

    There is no doubt that quality time together is highest on the list. But does she know and see that?

    I need to rethink my time-management and be sure that uninterrupted time with her is scheduled ahead of the tasks and chores and general life maintenance. I know that I will never be perfect, as a mama or a housekeeper. So why do I let the housekeeping get in the way of being a better mama?

  4. A little work & then mostly play~ weekends are for doing yard care, work clothes laundry, & a good kitchen clean-up; since all of us pitch in (always have, thanks to my mother's training), we're done before noon with the rest of the day to play. But I'm all for pitching the chores for an adventure~ I learned long ago not to let memory-building opportunities pass us by (hence my (ahem) housekeeping style :-P)

  5. We do both, but do it together so it makes it more enjoyable. Life is too short for not spending the important time with the ones that you love. Big hugs!

  6. We used to clean every Saturday when we had the house. It was a routine with us. When we moved, we got out of the habit and Saturday became more of a laundry day, which took most of the day. Now we have moved laundry to Mon or Tue and spend Sat & Sun being lazy and going to church. I am much more lax on the housework, but, better with "floor time".

  7. I try to get in the habit of cleaning keeping the clutter in check everyday. My hubby thinks Sat is the day to do that stuff. We are working on a compromise. Love the book by the Fly Lady, Sink Reflections! Do a little everyday and it doesn't seem like cleaning :)

  8. Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!!! And...The Fly Lady ROCKS!!!!! : )