Tuesday, February 16, 2010

10 on Tuesday

10 Things I say ALL the Time

1. Seriously.

2. Seriously? 

(1 and 2 are TOTALLY different. Seriously.)

3. Really?

4. Bless your heart.

5. Um (I wish this were not true but I can NOT stop)

6. Stink.

7. Snazzy.

8. I love you.

9. Have a great day!

10. Fun times. (Madison HATES this one)

Edited to add:

11. Happy to help!

12. You are very welcome.

13. Honey

14. Have you tried restarting your computer? NOT logging off, restarting?

15. How are you sweet girl?

What about you? 


  1. 1. I love you
    2. Stink
    3. Dangit
    4. Please stop.
    5. Babe-

  2. 1. Stink
    2. Que pasa?
    3. All the way out...(this I tell the dogs to encourage them to go all the way out in the yard to use the potty. I say it EVERY time I let them out.)
    4. Seriously
    5. or.... Sherioushly :o)
    6. Are you flossing regularly?
    7. Honey
    8. Yes Ma'am, Yes Sir
    9. Crapola
    10. I love you.

    In no particular order, of course. :o)

  3. 1. Good morning, Fertilizer Plant.
    2. No he's not in right now, may I take a message?
    3. No way!
    4. Are you serious?
    5. Oh my!
    6. Oh sugar!
    7. I need a hug
    8. Love you.
    9. Can I get you anything?
    10. Certainly

  4. 1. I love you
    2. Bless your heart
    3. Seriously
    4. Say what?!?!
    5. Hello
    6. Maaattt, I'm cold (then I place my cold toes on his feet)
    7. This is your call light and the remote to your TV
    8. Is there anything you need before I step out?
    9. I am closing your door for .
    10. Are you having any pain, where is your pain?

  5. 1. Good morning.
    2. Good night.
    3. What's for dinner/breakfast/lunch?
    4. What is the CVV on the credit card?
    5. Are you really watching that..again?
    6. Hello
    7. Want to play Scrabble/Cribbage
    8. Oh.My.Goodness.
    9. Can you open the window?
    10. Can I have my Route 44 Diet Cherry Coke?

  6. 1. stink.
    2. seriously?
    3. seriously.
    4. you have GOT to be kidding me.
    5. can i please have a route 44 diet coke?
    6. markers are for writing on paper only.
    7. ok, now you have to sit in time out.
    8. please do not put that on your sister. she obviously doesn't like it.
    9. only ___ more hours.
    10. mykah. no. no.

  7. 1. I love you, little girl.
    2. Let's vamanos.
    3. In just a minute.
    4. You can do it!
    5. What do we cut with scissors?
    6. Where are you going with that?
    7. Wow, that's great!
    8. Yeah? &/or Yeah.(trying to cut back on those)
    9. Holy crapola (better than the first version ...)
    10. This is a good day.

  8. 1. Seriously
    2. O
    3. Bless her heart
    4. What's your account number
    5. Really
    6. Actually
    7. DO you have any homework?
    8. whatever
    9. What time is dance tonight?
    10. Did you really say that?

  9. 1. fascinating
    2. interesting
    3. watson, I call my dog this all the time, even though his name is Bramwell
    4. sweetie
    5. if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride
    6. is this the party to whom I am speaking?
    7. you are my inspiration
    8. stupid
    9. on my death bed I will not say I wish I would have cleaned my house more
    10 sh@t, I am working on eliminating this word from my vocabulary, it is difficult

  10. 1. I love you!
    2. What ya want for dinner?
    3. Sa-Sa & GG (short for Sadie & Gabby, the pups)
    4. Hello (the phone never quits)
    5. Say it ain't so!
    6. Bless your heart!
    7. Get off of me! (the dogs will lay on me wherever i sit, lie down, on the potty, etc)
    8. Wonder if the kitchen fairy will come tonite?
    9. I need another diet cherry coke!
    10.Boo-Boo (my better half)